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We may have exhausted all of wikimedia's pizza pictures

If you’re craving not one, but three free pizza dinners, tonight is your lucky night. Here’s how to triple score:

Mosey on down to Earl Hall anytime from 6 to 9 pm, where you can hear the Community Impact Open House offer information about their 28 groups, discover community service opportunities, and obviously eat pizza while learning. Their Facebook page provides even more information (but not more food).

Over in the Kraft Center, Eat for Israel is taking place at 7 pm in the Kraft Center. You can learn about LionPAC and, obviously, Israel, while eating more free food. (It’s not specified as pizza, but there’s a picture of a pie on the flier, so we’re making an educated guess.)

If you’re still hungry for more service opportunities—or more pizza—Peer Health Exchange is hosting an info session in Hamilton 301 at 9 pm. PHE is a non-profit that provides teenagers with health education not offered in their public schools.

Go forth and feast—just remember to ask relevant service-related questions in between greasy bites of Koronet’s.

Update: There’s more… The Columbia Student Global AIDS Campaign is holding a meeting at 8 pm tonight in the Dodge Room of Earl. There will be Westside cookies!

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  1. CUDems  

    Columbia College Democrats will also be offering free pizza in Hamilton 602! Come by for our meeting at 9PM!

  2. LionPAC Eat for Israel?  

    More like "Eat for Likud" though huh

  3. These kinds of days  

    ... are how I earned my Freshman Fifteen.

  4. Anonymous  

    Thank you to everyone who came to our open house! Y'all are lovely!

    Learn more at

  5. Van Owen

    Free pizza isn't gay, but politics is very gay.

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