Overheard: Plausible Explanation

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A delicious helping of plant parmesan

A tipster walking by the lawns overheard the following, very scientific exchange between a “scooter kid” and his mother:

Mom: don’t walk on the grass. Do you see it’s all muddy with no grass. Why do you think there isn’t any grass?

Kid: because a vegetarian was BROWSING!



Grassfed beef minus the beef via Wikimedia Commons. 

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  1. Anonymous  

    Because grass wasn't meant to be walked on...

  2. Private Detective Gene Parmesan

    Gene, oh Gene, isn't he the Best?!?

  3. This conversation  

    represents the eternal battle between the administration and the students. #Occupylawns

  4. Anonymous  

    Sigh, is this what bwog is reduced to?

  5. there

    has to be something in between allowing students to roam the lawns vs. muddppacalypse

  6. vegetarian  

    it's true -- it takes a great deal of searching before you can find grass worth grazing on.

  7. Reification  

    "Scooter kid" is totally a thing, but I'd never fully realized it was a thing and put a word to it.

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