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In light of the upcoming elections, Bwog is bucking CCSC procedure and endorsing one party and one party only for CCSC 2016…our own! Meet Morningside Madness: Gangnam Style.

Hey class of 2016!

From our first Lit Hum class to deciding to skip out on an EC party to play Monopoly, freshman year has already been one crazy ride. MM:GS wants to make sure we stay on the right track and keep moving, like a train. Get to know our campaign and what we’re all about, and hey, you might even join in on the madness…Gangnam Style…like the song!


Your council


Name: Carly Stevens

Hometown: New Jersey

Fast Facts: Sus Del Maj, Pinkberry Princess, looooooves True Blood and being personable

Favorite Columbia Spot: Kickin’ in at Joe’s



Name: Chester Grobin

Hometown: New Jersey

Fast Facts: 6 feet, favorite movie = WALL-E, always down to throw the disc

Favorite Columbia Spot: Throwin’ the disc on the lawn



Name: José Canales

Hometown: Westchester

Fast Facts: Mets fan, I’ve climbed a mountain before, guilty as charged in the late-night Koronet’s department LOL

Favorite Columbia Spot: Crevices of Mudd


Name: Susan Bhattari

Hometown: New Jersey

Fast Facts: Voted “class clown” in high school, can play the oboe, had diarrhea during my SAT but still did well!

Favorite Columbia Spot: Ferris Booth balcony with my girls!


Campaign Platform:

Our campaign platform is one of change, transparency, and more change…Change that can’t be altered by silly bureaucratic nonsense like “E-forms” or Occupancy Verification whatever you calls it. That’s why we want to establish a specific list of goals, and make it our priority to meet them this year.

  • Dining halls will be open, FOREVER!
  • Tuesdays will officially become “Fun Hat Day”
  • Who needs a CSA advisor? We’re going to replace them with puppies!
  • No more depression on campus!
  • Unlimited MetroCards
  • Daily fun fact e-mails
  • Every space will become a safe space!
  • Communal chili pots on each floor’s stove
  • Bidet’s
  • Make-your-own-Sundae Sundays!

Carly, Chester, José, and Susan via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    wait... is this a joke?

  2. Anonymous  

    I almost thought this wasn't a joke.

  3. crappy advertising (and bad puns)

    Putting the image in our heads of you squirting gallons of liquid feces through your poop chute probably wasn't the best marketing strategy.

  4. Anonymous  

    This has to be some kind of New Jersey/Westchester conspiracy.

    If elected, don't look for these people from Thursday - Sunday night.

    Please never post anything like this again.

  5. Anonymous  

    While I'm at it...

    Do the comments support html?

    We're about to find out...

  6. How did CUCR get them so early?  

    "Every space will become a safe space!"

  7. Anonymous  

    mckayla is not impressed

  8. Anonymous  

    I don't get it.

  9. The Dark Hand  

    It's apparent that these are just sock puppet candidates for the Spec/Bwog agenda.

  10. Idea for a Party

    "Complete Financial Transparency Party"

    All expenditures made by CCSC will be open to public examination and easily accessible via a well-maintained website. Wonder how much we spent on pizza for last week's Lerner study break? How much we allocated to Students for Social Justice and Applied Exorcisms? Why we forgave The Society for Cold Fusion's debt? We'll tell you!

  11. Anonymous  

    Wikimedia Commons is fair game for anyone to use, scubcats

  12. these freshmen

    are trying way too hard to be clever/snarky. but i'm not really laughing at how they're attempting to skewer parts of our campus life that they can't even really understand at this point. they might think they're being funny by mocking student efforts to raise awareness and dialogue about depression, or the real problems that make safe spaces necessary, but these issues do affect real people who walk around on this campus in very personal ways.

    you've been here for less than a month. so here's my advice: if you're really running for council seriously, and not just trying to make a joke out of all of this, get some perspective first, grow up a little, and learn a little more about the people around you before you start making fun of them.

    • ok

      just realized that this is a "joke" created by the oh-so-clever bwog writers. but same shit applies, and frankly almost more disappointed that this was created by upperclassmen. your cynicism about our campus is not funny. it's annoying and discouraging. i always regret that so many people have to read the drivel that the writers of this blog try to pass for "humor".

  13. The naming of this BWOG party sounds really familiar for some reason.. ;P Check out our flyers and videos at !

  14. to be honest...

    i was kinda hoping Rhea Sen/Birva Patel would be running

  15. I thought

    it was kind of funny. We really do tend to be too critical of each other at this school. Was it Onion-level satire? No, but for a quick blog post it wasn't bad. I smiled at a couple of the items on the campaign platform.

    tl;dr, nice job guys. The redesign isn't as horrible as everyone says it is either. But I don't really care what it looks like anyway.

  16. Anonymous  

    Who else spotted the swipes at the Student Wellness Project? Classy, Bwog.

  17. Anonymous

    shoot, how could they be so dumb to forget that it's illegal to ever question the SWP?

  18. Have you ever been to a student council meeting?

    Needs more gays

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