Zeev Mendelsberg, GSAS, Has Passed

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Zeev Mendelsberg, a student in GSAS, passed away last night. He was pursuing his Master’s Degree in the Mathematics of Finance program. We extend our sympathies to Zeev’s family and friends, and ask that readers please use the comment space respectfully. Within in the letters from Dean Martinez, Ioannis Karatzaz (chair of math dept), and Lars Tyge Nielsen (chair of math of finance program), which are pasted below, is information about resources students can access in this time of grieving (bolding is ours). Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Dear Students,

It is with sadness that I pass along to you the following message sent to the students and faculty in the Department of Mathematics regarding the death of graduate student, Zeev Mendelsberg. Our thoughts are with Zeev’s family and friends at this time.

Terry Martinez
Dean of Community Development
and Multicultural Affairs
Associate Dean of Student Affairs


Dear Students,

It is with deep regret that we write to inform you of the death yesterday evening of Zeev Mendelsberg, one of our students in the Master’s Program in Mathematics of Finance.

Whenever there is a death such as this one, we are all struck by a wide range of emotions and a deep sense of loss. During this difficult time, please know that you can rely on one another, your family, and University offices for support.

We encourage you to seek guidance from professional staff by visiting or calling Counseling and Psychological Services (854-2878). Please let the staff know that you are calling because you would like to talk about this sad event. They will expedite your appointment with this knowledge.

We are all united in grieving the loss of a member of our community in this time of great sadness.


Ioannis Karatzas
Chairman, Mathematics Department

Lars Tyge Nielsen
Director, Mathematics of Finance Program



  1. Anonymous  

    Baruch dayan haemet

  2. Ko

    Was this a suicide or accident? If it was a suicide, the administration should do something as the incidences have increased in a the past 2 years.

  3. Anonymous

    barouh dayan haemet... That is so terrible. I used to know him since as kids we would pray in the same place.... RIP

  4. Anonymous

    Passed? Passed what? Just say has died. Or passed away. "Passed"? You sound like a southern grandma. This is very sad but also shitty journalism Bwog.

  5. Anonymous  

    This is absolutely heartbreaking! My thoughts and prayers go to his family and friends. I met Zeev at a Shabbat dinner in the beginning of the semester. He was very polite and kind. He seemed very happy, he was excited about Columbia and NYC. I cannot fathom what drove him to take his own life, but it's too tragic that he's gone.

  6. why  

    That would be the third suicide in the first month of school. Are you listening Columbia? Is the administration going to do something? Or are we going to go pretend that this was just the third "isolated incident" in 1 month?

  7. Anon  

    wtf is Columbia going to do about it? Make everyone sit through some "being alive is sexy" thing each year, like that would help?

  8. jared talkin  

    Tragic that some students at columbia, who have everything to look forward to in life, feel as though they have no other choice but to kill themselves.

  9. L Flower

    This is exceedingly unfortunate! As I suffer from deep depression and suicidal ideation, I can empathize with what he must have been going through :'(

  10. KW

    Our priorities are whacked. School, Job, Money does not equal happiness or contentedness. Say hello to the men and women who hang their heads, and, if you can see it, to those who hang their hearts. Tragedy is meant to be a lesson to the rest of us.

  11. Anonymous

    I clicked on the "Condolences" tag of this post.

    It's sad.

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