Man Struck by Car on 114th Street

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According to multiple tipsters, a man was struck by a hit and run tonight on the northbound side of Broadway at 114th St. That is why several blocks of the street are closed. We called Public Safety, and they explained that the victim was not a student. One tipster heard that the victim was “not expected to make it,” and several others expressed concern for his condition. He’ll be in our prayers.

Update, 9/29, 10:24 am: Gothamist reports that the victim, a 75-year-old, was pronounced dead at St. Lukes, and that “an investigation is ongoing” as to the identity of the driver.

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  1. grammar  

    " a man was struck tonight by a hit and run tonight on the northbound side of Broadway at 114th"

  2. Anonymous

    Bwog explained to Public Safety that the man struck was not a student?

  3. O.o  

    He'll be in our "prayers"?

  4. oh guys

    Oh guys, can we be more worried about the guy and less worried about the grammar in the article?

  5. Anonymous  

    News reports are now saying he was in fact killed. He was 75.

    Stay safe out there people.

  6. Anonymous  

    I watched them give up on resuscitation at the scene and then some EMT gestured at the crowd and the other one half heartedly kept going as they were putting him in the ambulance. It was so clear that he was already gone an they were just doing it for show. One of the more haunting things I've ever scene.

  7. Anonymous

    omg it was that old white guy who's always hunched over at a 90 degree angle with his cane. so sad. he really has been a fixture at columbia in my last 6 years here.

    -cc '10 and on my 2nd year of my phd

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