Bacchanal Wants to Hear Your Voice!

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Do you always whine like a baby when they announce the Bacchanal lineup? Well, this year you have a chance to have a say in who they bring.

Bacchanal Town Hall tonight at 9PM in 602 Hamilton. Here are CCSC’s recommendations for the meeting:

– Have contacts with an artist that would be perfect for the spring concert? Let us know.
– Know an artist you’re dying to see at Columbia? Want to lobby for a style of music? Let us know.
– Have an idea or project that needs funding and help with bureaucracy? Let us know.
– Have some cool views of how to improve our current events (fall concert, spring concert, 420 movie screening and more)? Let us know.
– Want to let us know how awesome we are? Let us know.

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  1. CC'13  


    Just saying.

  2. Anonymous  

    My suggestion for improving the fall concert this year is to actually have one.

  3. i have an idea

    in addition to the usual concert, have a big square dance on low plaza, i bet it would be really fun

  4. Anonymous

    No concerts, just hand out free tickets for Terminal 5, Bowery, other venue of your choice.

  5. Anonymous  

    Zac Brown!!

  6. Rational person  

    I have a thought! The Bacchanal committee should set up some sort of overarching narrative and plan out the events and the line-up according to that idea - a THEME of sorts, yeah.
    Then, they should forget about that theme - rendering the whole project a pointless exercise - and invite artists that have nothing to do with it. O wait...


    Doubt he's expensive and he's great live.

  8. WAKA FLOCKANAL 2013  

    Can we please make this happen this year?

  9. kpop  

    bring PSY and we can gangnam style on repeat

  10. French Montana  

    is the only rational choice.

  11. Anonymous  

    How about a change of genre this year... Mumford and Sons?

  12. Horrible Advice  

    How about we just bring in Hyuna instead? Probably much cheaper and just as good! (

  13. CUzoo  

    Third Eye Blind or Tiesto.

  14. Anonymous  

    walk the moon!

  15. Anonymous  

    Elvis Costello!

  16. Anonymous  


  17. Frank Ocean Please

    CCSC should work their student angle - there's a photographer by the name of FarFetchedFuture who schools here and has some connections to big time hip-hop artists.

  18. Anonymous

    tiesto, dirty south, or alesso! haha

  19. SIdiosyncratic Drunk  

    Let's make this year a party to remember. We will ahve beer and smack and smash, i'm wasted, so let's just stick to thinkgs taht start with x. We will have a concert that makes barnard girls wet themselves from inside their dorm rooms and the bitches and hoes running around like chickens without heads waiting to be plucked. It will be an awesome time dude. So come and decide a line-up with (*BEEELLCCHHH*) me

  20. CC '14  

    Ronald Jenkees
    The Apples in Stereo
    This is the Kit

  21. Anonymous  

    Azealia Banks?

  22. Anonymous  

    Wolfgang Gartner or Porter Robinson. You know you want it.

  23. Anonymous  

    SON we should get Smash Mouth.... they literally just released an album and I'm sure they're totally down to play a concert. Plus like have you listened to Astro Lounge lately? Classic.

    If that doesn't pan out... Eiffel 65? Kevin Lyttle? Shaggy? Sugar Ray? Fatboy Slim? Shit like that? These possibly retired artists would probably love to play for a crowd of several thousand drunk kids who know every word.

  24. Anonymous  


  25. Anonymous

    their new album is godly (prelisten on npr ahhhhh eargasms everywhere)

  26. Anon  


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