Come to the Blue & White Meeting Tonight

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What better way to spend a rainy night?

Hello friends,

We once again cordially invite you to join us on this Tuesday evening at our weekly meeting, which takes place at 8pm in the basement of St. Paul’s Chapel. We’ll be discussing the progress of the coming October issue, and then looking to the future as we pitch and develop ideas for next month’s issue. If you’ve ever thought about contributing as a writer, reporter, or illustrator, now is a fantastic chance for you to join. Also, if you’ve ever thought about how much fun it is to eat snacks and talk to people, we have that too.


The Editors

Drab weather day via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous

    Translates to: suffer through Brian Wagner being insufferably boring/trying to be funny. B&W has lost its touch.

  2. Cloaked Assassin  

    Do not be taken in by their shiny lipgloss and their alluring red lipstick. If you clear away the fog of ignorance, you will see that this is a smokescreen to hide their pantamime faces that only caricature transparency and economic responsibility. Unlike the blue-eyed and white-skin rapists (or blue-skin white-eyed fish sticks, eyes are too filled with the pus of speç's flatulence to tell) that host these meetings with an air of arrogance and unprofessionalism. We at the speçsucks community ACTUALLY value your opinion and want you to join us against the tyranny that is the speç.

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