An Unappreciative Audience

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  1. Anonymous

    Use thumbnails for the images on this site! The "Lowlapalooza around 3:45" picture is 1632x1224 pixels.

  2. CC '13  

    I've kinda been looking forward to this sort of thing since Freshman year, but I didn't go because:
    1. It's cold
    2. It's raining
    3. It's Sunday, and I got absolutely nothing done yesterday or the day before
    4. It started at 10 am

  3. Anonymous  

    I agree... it should have been done yesterday and maybe inside?? or earlier in the year.

  4. Anonymous  

    The only music I heard today was my study music...

  5. Anonymous  

    Ayo Bwog, too bad you didn't come for Ace of Cake or The Morningsiders because they ROCKED THE HOUSE and there were easily 80 people in the crowd and we all had a ton of fun.

    Oh well, I guess you can read about it in Spec.

  6. bwog critic  

    4/10: A conversation starter, to be sure, but a lazy one. As a commenter pointed out you failed to capture the highs and lows of this all-day event. Also the caption on the second picture is a great opportunity for a joke but this attempt falls flat, perhaps a victim to a caption character limit based on the odd phrasing.

    Also, yes, please do use thumbnails.

  7. Anonymous  

    The stage isn't even in the photo. How is this a good representation?

  8. Ace  

    Ace of Cake was amazing.

  9. alum

    this is the funniest thing I've ever seen on bwog.

  10. See B@B  

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