DIY: Fake I.D.

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There is always a moment early in your drinking career when friends pass around I.D.s so that they can all laugh about the absurd last name that one guy picked, or comment on the shit quality laminate that one girl received. It’s a pretty safe assumption that the bouncers around here don’t actually care if your last name is “Dingleberry,” so you might as well choose your stats with the goal of impressing/entertaining your friends. This might help.

Who needs IDchief when you have Bwog’s Fake I.D. Kit?


11 out of 10 doctors recommend Bwog’s Fake I.D. Machine via Louise McCune and Bijan Samareh, in “collab” with Jester

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  1. teehee  

    I like the ID pinwheel; I giggled. My twenty-first birthday is only a few months away at this point, and part of me regrets not having a fake just for future story-telling benefits. Parents really need to encourage their children to be less responsible.

    Also amusing was my captcha, which read "SIR ceTTele."If I'm ever knighted, that's the name I'll request. Maybe with some "$" thrown in, or a "£" here and there for good measure.

  2. bwog critic  

    3/10: Better than nothing, hand drawn charm, and the tree nuts restriction made me giggle as did "stout. But otherwise, it's a not particularly novel take on an old joke. It would have been funnier as a series of "fake ids found around campus" or something. Also, in what sense is this a kit? Other than "cut along the dotted line" there is no assembly involved as the id in the center is already complete.

  3. True Story

    As the center of your drawing is an Oregon license, I couldn't resist. My Oregon driver's license (real!) lists both my permanent residence in Oregon and my apartment in New York. I've gotten quite a few weird looks for having a NY address on my Oregon Driver's license, though it's never been turned away.

  4. E. Ness  

    This shit's crazier than crazy glue

  5. Anonymous  

    eyes: Steve Buscemi

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