Bwoglines: It Could Be Worse Edition

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Probably baby Mitik in a few years on a Wednesday

Is the mid-week slump making you stress, grumble, and complain? (Oh, really, you couldn’t have held that door open for me? No, I didn’t brush my hair, but do you have a problem with it?) We’re here to remind you that it could be worse, and then give you some cuteness to gird your loins for hump day.

You could be fighting a Supreme Court case for your $100 application fee and your missed chance to go to a certain college. Then you’d have to dress nicely today. (CBS)

You could have been among those injected with a contaminated steroid shot now fighting fungal meningitis. Or you could’ve vacationed in Europe around 1347. (Reuters)

You could’ve been targeted by the Taliban for your courageous passion for female education. Our condolences go out to our fellow philomath. (NYTimes)

Finally, you could be this spider, forever millimeters away from your goal of a tasty snack. (LATimes)

Now, take this cute mustachioed walrus and be off with your day! (NYTimes)

A walrus who let himself go via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous  

    Any Nobel prize news?

  2. Columbia Admissions and PR Department  

    Yes, yes we do have a problem with you not brushing your hair. We have an image to keep up.

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