Robert Lefkowitz, CC’62, Wins Nobel Prize for Chemistry

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Robert Lefkowitz, CC’62 and Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons ’66, won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry yesterday with Brian K. Kobilka for their hard work studying G-protein coupled receptors.

According to the Associated Press, “about half of all medications act on these receptors, including beta blockers and antihistamines, so learning about them will help scientists to come up with better drugs. The human body has about 1,000 kinds of such receptors, structures on the surface of cells, which let the body respond to a wide variety of chemical signals, like adrenaline. Some receptors are in the nose, tongue and eyes, and let us sense smells, tastes and light.”

Lefkowitz’s reaction to the news was excitement, surprise, and dismay at having to postpone a scheduled haircut. (CNN)

Our newest Nobel Laureate via Wikimedia Commons

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    where were you all yesterday?

  2. He's also

    Prof Mowshowitz (XY) second cousin

  3. bwog critic  

    9/10. Concise, informative, and with an adorable picture to boot. My only complaint is that you need to implement block quotes into your formatting scheme for things like that AP quote.

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