Overseen: Filming by Math

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There is filming for a movie purportedly called “The Green Inferno” by Math. Film equipment is by Dodge. Check it out, kids.

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  1. Anonymous  

    There was something going on near the gates at amsterdam yesterday. They told people walking by to just going walking and not to look at the camera. I hope I made it into the final cut. Its my only chance to be a star!

  2. Twitch  

    Eli Roth (the bear Jew) is directing it, which means it'll be horrible. It is also supposedly related to this movie: which is known in English as, I kid you not, "Cannibal Holocaust II."

    If Columbia needs money so bad, can't it just buy Barnard, convert it into a football stadium, and rack up the alumni donations?

  3. Anonymous

    Bwog I liked it how it used to be, when you clicked a picture it opened in front of the page and you clicked outside it to get back. I don't like that I have to click the back button after looking at a picture now. Fix, please.

  4. Anonymous  

    It must be a pretty big-budget film if they're giving such fake-sounding name.

  5. Anonymous

    $20 says it's the next Hulk movie.

  6. Anonymous  

    I heard its by the guy who directed Hostel.

    Now by Dodge...

  7. Anonymous

    Columbia's campus is in so many movies

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