Happy Half Semester Day!

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Whether the news brings you excitement or regret, today marks the official mid-semester mark. However, that’s not all there is to the story. If we dig a little deeper, we can find a hidden message within this seemingly arbitrary academic calendar date…

Today is 10/18/2012. 10 + 18 + 2012 = 2040.

Today is the half semester day, which makes us a quarter through the academic year. 2040/4= 510

Now, if we search CU (Columbia University) and 510 in CLIO, we find a recording of Artie Shaw:

And if we check inside, halfway through the tracks, which is how far we are through this semester, we find our hidden message:

Too marvelous for words. Just like you, Columbia.

Congratulations on making it through half a semester.

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  1. Anonymous

    Speaking of half-baked conspiracy theories, what the hell has Glenn Beck been up to?

  2. Anonymous  

    uh, and this means Half-Life 3 is confirmed?

  3. CC '13  

    holy crap. i need to find a job.

  4. Music Library

    ... we've got 40,000 vinyl LPs available, for those who want to play them backwards for hidden (warning: possibly Satanic) messages...

  5. uh  

    where do you get your weed, bwog? 'cause i want some.

  6. i'm your pusher  

    curtis mayfield said you called?

  7. Anonymous  

    It's funny that people think I'm working in Butler but really I'm just listening to No Diggity on repeat and reading Bwog comments.

  8. Thank you  

    This is adorable.

  9. soo...  

    I'm procrastinating by reading things that Bwoggers make when they're procrastinating. #meta

  10. Anonymous  

    Don't sleep on Artie Shaw. He's a BAMF. Listen to "Nightmare"

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