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Still need more ways to procrastinate for your midterms? Bwog has you covered! When you’re spending all that time on Twitter to avoid your calculus textbook, your tweets can start to feel a little dry. But not anymore, with our new favorite website that proclaims “Yes, that CAN be my next tweet!” This text generator creates an amalgamation of words and phrases used in your tweets to give you something brand-new. The best part? You can put in anyone else’s Twitter handle and get new tweets for them, too. So obviously, after hitting refresh on our own fake tweets about eighty times, we had to share some of the best suggestions for other people from Fake Prezbo to the librarians.

The Extremely Official Columbia Twitter (@Columbia): Tomorrow Night Free Speech in Shangri La

Delta Gamma (@DGzetatheta): We’ll call me! Free rides anywhere in her rightful coast to our favorite 209 study break tonight people!

The Library (@columbialib): The bagels are pleased to be tonight for help? Work! At the libraries will be served tonight!

Spec (@CUSpectrum): Maybe reschedule that $30 million in speedos! Haters gon’ hate.

Ivy League Bitch (@IvyLeagueBitch): Don’t worry, I’m at Brown. You are going to hear about fasting before I put that embarrassing tattoo.

Prezbo (@LEE_BOLLINGER): Lolz, smoking ban argument emails for Bernanke. Have been drunk or something?

MLIB (@MyLifeIsBarnard): UGH last day I THOUGHT I would be receiving so everyone you can stay in Carman after hooking up?

And, of course, yours truly (@Bwog): Don’t start living in the Way Back from space. It’s on its 123rd Birthday Dancing Bear Suit today.

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    Love me some fake PrezBo.

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