Butler Missed Connections

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Because who actually handwrites anything these days?

“If you’re going to keep staring at me, I might as well introduce myself.”

— Hillary Rodham to Bill Clinton in Yale Law library sometime during the early 70’s. 

People are knowingly on display in the library, but not everyone is as accommodatingly forward as the former First Lady. If you’re like Bwog, attempting any form of person-person communication is bound to be tortuously awkward.

So if you connected with someone but didn’t find a moment to seal the deal, leave a comment here.

Bwog doesn’t really know how this will work, but we thought we’d give it a shot. Maybe use a throwaway yahoo email account?

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  1. awww  

    bwog is a romantic, who knew?

  2. Anonymous  

    You guys should create and run a missed connections tumblr like icuhampy dot tumblr dot com is at Hampshire College.

  3. Anonymous  

    girl in 303 reading Dworkin and playing with your hair, marry me

  4. anonymous  

    there's a really sexy chick in 212 alone at a table who has chestnut hair and bronze arms

  5. The Dark Hand

    I saw u throw that copy of spec in the garbage. Call me?

  6. Anonymouse

    I saw you the other day with a fanny pack full of spaghetti in the computer room. Smelled delicious ^_^

  7. Columbia College Freshman  

    Woah what is all this weird posting?!?!

  8. Anonymous  

    wait what's going on with The Dark Hand and Parkerlibro? i missed something

  9. Van Owen

    I rubbed one out in the stacks...

  10. CUCR looking for Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome

    Sent you a letter last year. Thought you would have had the common fucking courtesy to at least answer me back. I thought we had something. Didn't '07 mean something to you?

  11. Cornell Noob  

    woah what is going on here, some fapping chick in the library was talking about this site. where's the pron?

  12. Anonymous  

    have rings been exchanged? vows made? children begotten? we need to know!

  13. Anonymous

    Say hi to someone in the library today.

  14. Anonymous

    Dear Butler,

    I am missing my soul. Last seen around 301 somewhere.


  15. Anonymous  

    but guyz i wuz serious about my qt3.14azngf. plz reply if you also like spaghetti cat plz.

  16. AndEnnuiGo  

    Wow. Glad I left Bored@Butler when I did: sounds like it's turned into even more of a shitshow. Hope Jae's got plenty of aspirin and fresh new code. A break-up never made anyone a martyr by virtue of their broken heart or hurt feelings and dragging your private life into the public view--even on an ostensibly anonymous site like bored@--is gauche. Perhaps try being a little kinder to each other here and elsewhere.

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