More news from the Brownstone Review Committee! The committee has announced the six finalists, who will present before the committee before the final deliberations take place. After “much dialogue and open deliberation” (it was not open), these are the final six:

  1. Alpha Chi Omega
  2. Alpha Epsilon Pi
  3. Lambda Phi Epsilon
  4. Manhattan House by NAC
  5. Pi Kappa Alpha
  6. Q House

Four of the six finalists are Greek organizations, and two of them (Alpha Epsilon Pi and Pi Kappa Alpha) were kicked out of the brownstones last year as a result of Operation Ivy League. Check Bwog later this week for statements from each group as to why they deserve the space, and how they would serve the community with it. For the full story read out first post. For scandal (!), read the second post, too.

(Quick recap: Community Development convened a committee—which is mostly Greek—to determine who gets the old drug bust brownstones. Thirteen groups applied, six moved on, and the decision will come down on November 30.)

Which groups do you think deserve brownstones? (Pick any 3)

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