V-Show 119 C-Team Announced

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We are pleased to announce the creative team that will be bringing you Columbia’s 119th Varsity Show! With a few new faces, several old ones, and one actor-turned-director, we can’t wait to see what this team puts together.

Producers: Ally Engelberg (BC ’15, Publicity V118) and Laura Quintela (CC ’14)
Writers: Isabel Lopez (CC ’13) and Eric Donahue (CC ’15)
Director: Chris Silverberg (CC ’13, Actor V117)
Composer: Max Druz (CC ’15)
Lyricist: Nick Parker (CC ’14)
Art Director: Brett Berger (CC SEAS ’15, Lighting Designer V118)
Choreographer: Gina Borden (BC ’14, Assistant Choreographer V118)

A stage waiting to be filled via Shutterstock.

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  1. Cynthia  

    Congratulations, Eric!!!!!!

  2. yeahhhh  

    narkolas parkolas

  3. Distressed fan

    Where is Tareq?!?


    So excited for Ally Engelberg. She's actually incredible. This team will do great things!!!

  5. Anonymous

    anyone know where i can get some adderall? midterms bro.

  6. Anonymous

    Congratulations to the team - this is the last time anyone will write something nice about you on Bwog.

  7. Anonymous

    when are auditions going to be?

  8. theres a reason  

    our composers just keep on quitting

    • ?  

      what does that even mean

      • previous veesher

        Composing is the hardest job. Legend has it the lone composer for V112 disappeared for two weeks shortly before the show - when the rest of the team tracked him down to his apartment downtown (he was in GS) he hadn't shaved or bathed the entire time but had finished the full orchestration for a 14 instrument pit.

        The person who told me this also said the composer was in some composing contest with a robot and passed away immediately after this, saying "I'll die with a conductor's baton in my hands," so maybe this shouldn't be taken at face value.

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