We are pleased to announce the creative team that will be bringing you Columbia’s 119th Varsity Show! With a few new faces, several old ones, and one actor-turned-director, we can’t wait to see what this team puts together.

Producers: Ally Engelberg (BC ’15, Publicity V118) and Laura Quintela (CC ’14)
Writers: Isabel Lopez (CC ’13) and Eric Donahue (CC ’15)
Director: Chris Silverberg (CC ’13, Actor V117)
Composer: Max Druz (CC ’15)
Lyricist: Nick Parker (CC ’14)
Art Director: Brett Berger (CC SEAS ’15, Lighting Designer V118)
Choreographer: Gina Borden (BC ’14, Assistant Choreographer V118)

A stage waiting to be filled via Shutterstock.