Costumes for Our Contest

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These are some submissions for our Halloween costume contest. Pretty good, right? Send more to

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  1. Van Owen  

    Sexy Cat reminds me of an ex-boyfriend. My asshole just puckered with anticipation

  2. SEAS '14 aka Impatient with Images  

    I'm starting to prefer closing the tab instead of pressing the back button.

  3. Anonymous

    Everybody to MEL's

  4. Possibly Impressed Sophomore

    Is the Homer-Homer pun played out? Personally, I've never seen it done and was thoroughly amused. Can we get an upperclassman cliché check?

  5. Anonymous  

    these are terrible

  6. strudel sandy

    Hungarian is open!

  7. Anonymous  

    Bahh, Alison that is perfect. #specsucks

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