Bwoglines: Double, Double Toil and Trouble Edition

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Not The Nightmare Before Christmas, but close

This Halloween comes bearing news of more destruction and sadness in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Our friends at NYU, many without power, are faced with evacuating their dorms and will not have class for the remainder of the week. (NYU Local)

For a more global perspective, 70 people in the Caribbean died in the storm, and now Haiti and other nations must combat food insecurity from destroyed crops. (BBC)

Sandy has also grounded passengers and delayed flights throughout the northeast. If you were planning on flying out of LaGuardia for fall break, you may have to sit around campus not doing homework for another five days. (Washington Post)

For everyone who is upset about cancelled Halloween activities, Heidi Klum has rather brilliant Tim Burton-ish idea—she postponed her famous Halloween bash in favor of a haunted Christmas party. (Gothamist, USA Today)

A very scary Halloween via Shutterstock

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