Overheard: Relaxing with Sandy

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At least you’re ready for the next apocalypse…

The latest in small talk, overheard by a tipster at Starbucks:


“How was your hurrication?”


Nothing rejuvenates the soul quite like not leaving your building for two days (although you don’t necessarily need a hurricane for that).

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  1. Soo...  

    Am I the only one disturbed by Columbia students' nonchalance about the hurricane? Especially in the wake of such massive devastation in the region, I kind of wish there was more of a sense of urgency on campus to help out.

  2. Anonymous

    Hurrication is hardly original. Residents of New Orleans with financial means used that term when they couldn't return to their homes.

  3. Anonymous

    My hometown is destroyed. My friends' homes are underwater, my family lost their car. Stop treating this like a fucking joke.

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