Bwoglines: BWOG’S ON BREAK Edition

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Love You. Mean It.
Love You.  Mean It.

We love you even when we’re away

Now that it is really our official “fall break,” Bwog is taking a much needed respite to repair the Shore/campaign/hike/study for pushed-back midterms catch up on Hulu.  We’ll stop in every so often to make sure you’re doing alright, but otherwise we will be making good use of our time off, and you should too. 

Power has been restored to Lower Manhattan, but recovery is still a long process.  Good thing we have telethons and resilience. (Reuters, NBCNews, BuzzFeed)

In a shocking turn of events, the Knicks won a game.  In a less shocking turn of events, the New York City Marathon was canceled. (Hangtime, Chicago Tribune)

This Tuesday is Election Day!  Romney is making one final campaign push while mathematics argues it might be too late. (Fox, The Atlantic)

Animals are taking over! (HuffPost, Wall Street Journal)

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  1. Undecided voter

    What the fuck is that video linked to "Romney"

  2. I'm shocked, simply shocked...

    Blue eyed Jesus? That means he was an albino Palestinian!

  3. STFU  

    The faux pro-Romney comments weren't funny from the Bored@ trolls who make their way here and they're not funny now. Shut the fuck up already.

    • Boredat Troll

      Rest assured, the inane pro-romney posts by someone impersonating The Dark hand were assuredly *not* from b@b, but rather from a bwog native. Such terrible trolling is far below the high quality trolling standards which b@b commits itself to.

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