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So you’re spending fall break on campus? And you won’t be leaving your dorm until your first Wednesday class? Bwog hopes you’ll be able to reach whatever mental state necessary to recover from midterms and get through the final months of the semester. Here’s how you can fill your time (or waste it) from the comfort of your room.

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Ah yes, fall break. Halloween is officially over, Thanksgiving is done before it even begins, and the holiday season is upon us! We hope you caught up on sleep, got ahead in your classes, and enjoyed wholesome family dinners. Bwog, on the other hand, is here to share stories from their eventful weekend.  Bwog Gets […]

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Maybe you already checked your weekly horoscope and it’s not giving you the specific, fall break-related forecast you’re looking for. Or maybe you never check your horoscope (it’s okay, me neither tbh), and the title piqued your interest. Whether you’re this, that, or somewhere in between, Bwog Guest Writer Sophie Tobin has you covered for all […]

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Fall break is already well underway, and many of us are eager to get out of the city for the long weekend. But if your’e not – if you’re stuck in this mouse-infested, temperature-inconsistent place for the next few days, how can you make the most of it? Here are some of Bwog’s suggestions: Rush […]

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Fall break is finally here! As much as we would love to hang around and report on Schapiro fires and Prezbo sightings, we’ve got a country to watch crash and burn on Tuesday. Instead of refreshing our site, feel free to write Spec op-eds. Don’t worry if you’ve already graduated, it’s really not weird! At […]

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Bwog Out

Hi friends! Fall break has officially begun, leaving us all with a joyous long weekend to dress up as cats and drink our midterm sorrows away. Just as you are looking forward to your break from school work, Bwog is also excited to have a little alone time at home with our dog and our Roku. […]

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Just in time to get you excited for fall break: Live at Lerner Sounds is having its fourth event this semester today from noon to 1pm in the Lerner Piano Lounge. This time, Bridget Davis and the Viking Kings will be performing their pop/folk repertoire (but not in Norse). As always, they will also be […]

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Last night’s Halloween revelries marked the beginning of Fall Break, which means that Bwog is hopping on a train home to eat take-out on the couch with their dog/cat/alone all weekend long. A.k.a, we’re on break. Take a break and relax too, you deserve it. OR go and fight inequality abroad for four days. Whichever […]

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With these few days off, Bwog hopes that you are exploring new territories, both physical and mental.  If you are sticking it out at Columbia, we urge you to do things non-school related.  Might we suggest taking some cues from these two individuals overheard on campus… Help out: Mom. I don’t have any money. Seriously. I […]

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Now that it is really our official “fall break,” Bwog is taking a much needed respite to repair the Shore/campaign/hike/study for pushed-back midterms catch up on Hulu.  We’ll stop in every so often to make sure you’re doing alright, but otherwise we will be making good use of our time off, and you should too.  […]

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You can go back to sleep! The end of Daylight Savings has delivered another sweet sixty minutes to your day, so it’s now an hour earlier than you thought it was. Though it happens every year, one national news outlet or another perennially feels the need to narrate the history of this curious organizational phenomenon. […]

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