Overheard: Making Good Use of the Weekend

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get it?
get it?

Porn…it’s just like Texas!

With these few days off, Bwog hopes that you are exploring new territories, both physical and mental.  If you are sticking it out at Columbia, we urge you to do things non-school related.  Might we suggest taking some cues from these two individuals overheard on campus…

Help outMom. I don’t have any money. Seriously. I only had TWO drinks last night because I gave all my money to charity.

Learn something new: I don’t know how to picture porn… I mean, it’s like sex but everything’s bigger?

Real school spirit via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. shrinking violet

    Porn is the scariest thing ever, it;s like sex, but the penis is horribly large and terrifying, and the vagina looks like a cavern. When i first saw porn it was terrifying, I've avoided it from then on, sticking to fantasy.

  2. Not true  

    Search "small penis porn" on Google.
    Search "virgin porn," too, although it was mostly anal- and not vaginal-virginity.

    I have too much free time during Fall Break.

  3. artsy plumber  

    porn is mostly about housewives who need some plumbing done

  4. Anonymous

    Oh look another liberal who wants to limit free speech. I thought this was America... comrade.

  5. the sex addict  

    Ode to sex
    Oh, sex, how do I love thee
    Can I count the ways?
    Shall I compare thee to the morning dew, feverous and bright
    the molten heat of summer, or a cloud’s glossy white?
    Can you match against or meaure up
    to the soft, glowing, warmth of love?
    and even the pleasures, of sweet ice cream
    can never be better than thee!
    Ah, sex, my vagina longs for you, it’s clitoris heartbroken
    my thighs are wet, my opening has spoken
    abandoned in the night my lower lips sob
    at the punishments they’ve reiceved from the gods
    why sex, come back, leave me not despairing
    oh sex, return, with your verve, wit and daring
    come nestle within my inner folds
    exactly where you feel at home.

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