Bwog Teaches You About Snow

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As usual, the snow has caused campus to go a little haywire. But never fear, Bwog is here with the top three issues we’re dealing with at the moment. Watch out for the following:

1) Gate closures: If you’re not checking email, you may have been surprised to find the Chapel, Earl Hall, and CEPSR gates closed yesterday. Or you may just be surprised the gates have names. Either way, watch out for more closures as it gets wintrier.

2) Technology misbehaving: On Wednesday night, the wheelchair-accessible doors in John Jay began to repeatedly open and close themselves. Yesterday, SSOL got faulty(er). The results of weather can be very mysterious.

3) Photo ops: Is this your first time seeing snow? Would your friends/teachers/parents/siblings/random people from your high school enjoy seeing photos of you and campus in the snow? That’s what Instagram is for.

SNOW via an intrepid tipster.

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  1. Anonymous

    I remember in the 70's and 80's, only the main gates at 116th were open on evenings and weekends.

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