The Lawns Rise From The Ashes

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Yesterday, we were (unsurprisingly baselessly)  concerned about the lawns.

Photo on left via tipster Bruno R.M.

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  1. Anonymous  

    This is why I will never donate a single penny to Columbia- digging up the lawn to redo it for absolutely no reason. It looks no different. And of course tarping it every year just to have it get fucked up during graduation. I'm already sorry that the tuition I am paying goes into shit like this.

  2. thepoet copypasta machine  

    > tfw one group of beta nerds on College Walk standing around statue because of love story > tfw another group of beta privileged people on College Walk protesting over land issues halfway around the world > tfw alfa, working class men driving tractors and working the lawn oblivious to all this beta butthurt

  3. SEAS  

    As a future Deere employee, I also took many creeper shots of the tractor.

  4. Anonymous

    Ashes are good for lawns.

  5. Anonymous

    @Anonymous: Your tuition is good for lawns.

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