Overseen: Happy Thanksgiving!

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If you’re finally at home (or stuck on campus) and the Cowboys vs. Redskins game hasn’t exactly done much to provoke the Thanksgiving spirit, it’s good to know that there’s still something to be thankful for… Thanksgiving feasts!  Let the tryptophan commence!


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  1. Cowboys vs Redskins...?


  2. CC'14  

    Check your turkey privilege.

  3. Bogus.

    The tryptophan thing is a myth, kids.

  4. Anonymous

    there's this really cute girl from penn state who I know will be working in the city next year, like myself, and I want to make a move. but I havent talked to her in a while. lastly, it's already creepy that I know she's working in the city cause I read it off her status and I never talked to her about it. what is the best means of reinitiating contact?

    • cc16

      def submit a 3500 word essay to a popular campus blog professing your love for her.

    • Anonymous

      She should be pursuing you, not vice versa. If anything, she has far more to gain from a relationship with you - free sex, free rent, free meals, free electric bills, free utility, etc. Male - female relationships are by and large parasitic for the male party. That is why I've always been dumbfounded when are so naive that they actually seek out their abuse. Pursuing her would be implying that she is the prize - society has craftily brainwashed you into allowing women to leach off men, all the while campaigning for more wnd more oppression through the (myth) of patriarchy. Have some self respect, for once. She'll have you think otherwise, but you're worth more than that. It is not your job to spend every hour of your life working to feed her face after she moves in with you and quits her job to "raise the kids." All the while, women actually have the audacity to symbolically spit in your face in campaigining about "patriarchy". Do not let your penis enslave you. Do not fall prey to a "rape culture" far more subtle but far more virulent than the feminists rant about. Free yourself before she strengthens the illusion that you need her, thus tightening the noose of your oppression.

      • Bernardo CC'14  

        I really hope you're a troll.

        If you're not, I don't even think that rebutting your "arguments" is worth my time. You are sexist and blind to the world we live in. Patriarchy is real, and women don't "leech off" men. I'm also sure that a woman who will be working in the city next year is able to pay her own rent and meals.

        Enjoy your life staying single forever!

      • CC'14

        There's so many things wrong with this post that I don't even know where to start. Probably coming from a person who's been used in a relationship and dumped, and now wants to blame it on the female population for being "parasites." Last time I checked, more women are getting undergraduate degrees than men in the U.S., and more women are able to support their families (both financially and as a mother figure) without the presence of a male figure. We're no longer in the 1920's, women don't need men for "free rent, free meals, free electric bills, free utility, etc." I don't know where you're from, but American family life has dramatically changed. As a matter of fact, as a female myself, I'm pretty sure I'll be making more money than my partner in the future (as is the case with many other women). So to be quite frank, it's extremely ignorant to even make such outdated assumptions about the female population.

      • Anonymous

        Nobody really likes you, do they? Understandable: doesn't seem like there's much to like. I'd like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but fuck that: you're an asshole and you deserve to be called out as an asshole, rather than shielded with Columbia's "tolerance" narrative. Maybe you're ugly. Maybe you're charmless. Maybe you're just so awkward that your throat swells shut every time a pretty girl walks by. Maybe you're just another ass-backwards fuck at Columbia who is so emotionally stunted that you need to externalize your self-loathing and reconstruct it as a hatred of women or universalize your misery by trying to describe your experience as an objective reality. Whatever. Take it to CPS. It's not an excuse for being an asshole and, much as I'd like to treat you otherwise, you're a pretty fucking sorry excuse for a man. Go away, boy. Come back when you learn to deal with your feelings like a man and not a simpering, puerile little shit with a chip on his shoulder and a half-wit's dictionary.

  5. Alex  (Bwog Staff)

    lol test

  6. Arvind  (Bwog Staff)





  7. Abi

    Thanks for sharing all those awesome spreads! I hope that you had a terrific Thanksgiving!

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