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Happy Sian Beilock Talks To SGA Day! And Turkey Day too, I guess…

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Staff Writer Caroline Mullooly and Deputy Editor Vivian Zhou combine their vast cooking knowledge together to help you have a smooth-sailing Thanksgiving…haha just kidding, Thanksgiving is never smooth-sailing, but we ARE giving you a few cooking tips. 

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It’s the time of the year again when we all get together, give thanks, and eat food together. Chances are you and your friends have organized some sort of friendsgiving where you each bring a dish. Can’t cook? Have no idea what to bring? Bwog’s got you covered. 

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SGA Pops The Columbia Bubble

With only a month left until the end of spring semester, SGA spoke to Barnard Alumnae about life after graduation and outside of the Columbia Bubble. Bureau Chief Leena Chen reported on the meeting.

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It’s been midterm week for two months now. You’re staying alive on a few hours of sleep, dining hall coffee, and fantasies of driving off into the sunset in PrezBo’s Audi. So what do you say when your aunt asks how your classes are going, and you haven’t been since the midterm? Bwog has some […]

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Happy Almost Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is basically America’s excuse to eat an insane amount of heart-attack provoking food, embrace awkward interactions with family, give cheery toasts that make your grandma blush scarlet, explain to your aunt Marge *once again* that you are happy being single, and generally give thanks that there is such a beautiful mess […]

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Columbia Housing may have issues, but that shouldn’t impact our impressions of the many facilities workers who clean and repair our dorms on a daily basis. As we approach Thanksgiving, here are some ways that you can show your appreciation to the hardworking people who keep our dorms from falling apart. Say hi to facilities when they’re on […]

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Bwog Gives Thanks

As is our tradition at the beginning of Thanksgiving Break, Bwog has compiled a list of the many things we’re thankful for this fall, ranging from parents to booze to cats. Comment what you’re thankful for below, if you feel so inclined – this is the last chance you’ll get to comment on one of our […]

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Yes, the time for thankfulness is over (but never truly over). We are officially back to ride out the rest of the semester on auto-pilot as most of us just want it to be over by this point. By while away, many fought off family political discussions and awkward encounters in favor of celebrating the […]

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The countdown until Thanksgiving begins: in 5 days you have to get through a dinner with your nosy family. Don’t worry, Bwog’s got your back: here’s how to get out of some of the worst conversation topics.  An obvious one: the election. You already know that your crazy uncle wants dinner and a show and will say […]

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We all know how it feels to be a bit… er… loose with our definition of “telling the truth” when nosy Aunt Madge asks all of those invasive questions during Thanksgiving dinner. Here’s a quick reference sheet that will help you translate your Fall-semester shenanigans into more family-friendly language before you head into the fire […]

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Here at Bwog, we support each other no matter what. And now that the Holiday season is upon us, support is more important than ever. You’re probably wondering… Support? What kind of support will I need? It’s Thanksgiving, after all. I can’t wait to go home, eat some turkey/tofurky (we at Bwog respect all lifestyle choices), […]

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Columbia will be offering FLEX dollars to qualifying CC and SEAS students over Thanksgiving break, in order to purchase food while the dining halls are closed. Apply by this Thursday at 6 p.m. using this form. The application form asks you to confirm you are a recipient of Columbia grant funds, on a Columbia meal […]

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