Vincenzo Has “Grown So Much”

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Stephan Vincenzo—oops, it’s Perez–is back on TV to discuss the “prescription epidemic” sweeping the country. Again! Dressed to the nines (again), Perez also talks about returning to New York for trial and his forthcoming graduation from Emory University.

The video won’t embed for us, but you can watch him tell his “story about redemption” here.

In other news, we can expect the brownstone decision this Friday.

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  1. anon

    Stephan's a great guy. I'm glad things are working out for him.

  2. Could we just give this guy a break?  

    In most positive communities, people rally around those who are trying to pull themselves out of a rut. But this is Columbia, I guess, so that doesn't apply. And, more specifically, this is Bwog, so I wouldn't expect much more than snarky bitterness. Keep up the community-building, Bwog, you're doing a great job.

  3. Anonymous  

    This guy is a sack full of shit and he knows it. When I was a freshman during NSOP a few years ago, I had the chance to grab lunch with this guy through a mutual friend. At the time, he just came back from a year of academic probation. Not sure if it was for dealing/using controlled substances. To hear him talk about how he's changed disgusts me.

    Over-paid lawyers, thick-rimmed glasses and a v-neck sweater does not make you any less of a drug-dealing thug than the guy standing on the corner of the street.

    • Anonymous

      WTF are you talking about.
      1) Academic probation is by definition for academic reasons. Not "dealing/using controlled substances."
      2) I'm sorry, do you even know who his lawyer was? Let alone his or his family's socioeconomic status?
      3) Have you spent even a day with him again since the lunch during which you decided you can judge his entire past present and future character?
      4) What makes you so disgusted that he is trying to change? The fact that he doesn't sell drugs anymore? That he has struggled immensely and succeeded to salvage his future? That he is raising awareness about the epidemic of prescription drug abuse in universities across the country?

      I fail to understand people who make such hurtful and presumptive comments without even a second thought.

  4. A little obvious.  

    This "redemption narrative" is just that: a narrative he's making sure IS VERY visible via the theatre of media, which, of course, is eating it up. He may not have gotten the full four-year package, but apparently he picked up enough in Columbia Sociopathy 1010 to turn this into a full-time gig. Is he contrite? He's probably about as contrite as every poor fucker who gets caught and snagged a degree before he became ineligible for federal financial aid. Whatever. Before you write him off as a "thug" or pin wings to him as a martyr in the drug war, it's worth seeing him for what he is: a shallow little shit with a huge ego who knows how to play the game. Let's see if he'll have to play it in prison.

  5. Current Resident in one of the Ivy Operation Brownstones  

    I'm currently living in one of the brownstones that was involved in the ivy operation bust. kinda feels nice to be living in such a historic place. but allow me to be judgmental for a moment. Seriously, you have got to be the most moronic person in the history of humanity to have repeatedly jeopardized a privileged, Ivy League education by selling drugs! I have 0 sympathy for any of them. But thanks a lot for the brownstone guys!!! I'm thoroughly enjoying it. It's the comfiest residence I've ever lived in during my time here. lol

  6. Anonymous

    Dresses like he got kicked out of Hogwarts for selling study potion.

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