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Waking Up With Bwog: ENDSOP

Today is the final day of NSOP proper. Congratulations first-years on making it through your first week of Columbia! The coming weeks will be a lot more filled up with work and activities, but for what it’s worth, they’ll probably have a bit less drama. There are still some activities planned, but feel free to […]

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Listen: Operation Ivy League News Coverage Over Smooth EDM Beat

Even if you weren’t a Columbia student at the time of Operation Ivy League, you probably had an idea of what went down through different media sources. Almost six years have passed since the incident, but musician Kosmo Weston has kept it relevant by inserting sound bites from different news broadcasts and court hearings. His work is […]

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Know Your History: Why You’re Not At A Frat Party

In an effort to keep institutional memory alive, Bwog wants to teach you about major issues and topics at Columbia.  If there is something you would like to know more about, look it up on wikicu or email  Today, we attempt to explain why you’re not at a frat fraternity party like all your […]

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Why You Buy Your Weed Off Campus

In the new issue of your favorite magazine The Blue and White, on campus later this week, you’ll read about the denial of tenure to a favorite Barnard professor, get some insight into CUSH’s split from the IRC, and hear from the wisest cabbie in New York City. Whet your appetite with this piece by […]

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Vincenzo Has “Grown So Much”

Stephan Vincenzo—oops, it’s Perez–is back on TV to discuss the “prescription epidemic” sweeping the country. Again! Dressed to the nines (again), Perez also talks about returning to New York for trial and his forthcoming graduation from Emory University. The video won’t embed for us, but you can watch him tell his “story about redemption” here. […]

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Stephan Vincenzo Is Sorry, America

Somebody call Nancy Reagan. NBC’s Brian Williams is talking about Adderall. Interviewed (and ready to scare you straight!) is our very Stephan Vincenzo/Perez (N.B. Stephan told the B&W years ago that “Vincenzo” is “as an homage to Al Capone’s brother.” But that probably doesn’t go well with his redemption narrative, so he’s back to “Perez.”) For the uninitiated, […]

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114th Street’s Late-Night Fate

Many say that interest in Greek life at Columbia is at an all time high, and it is so. Just a few days ago, PanHell picked AOII and Gamma Phi Beta to fill the two openings they set aside for new sororities, and Greek life flexed its upvote muscles in that comment thread. Last May, the IFC approved a […]

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Bwoglines: Columbia Rejoice Edition

PrezBo will become the most senior Ivy President at the end of this year, after 2 other Ivy Presidents step down. Since he took office in 2002, he only needs to serve until 2046 to beat Nicholas Murray Butler’s record of 43 years.  (Spectator) Some other university’s chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha is in the […]

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Brownstone Committee Announced

First, a recap. The 114th Brownstones have seen a lot of action. After saying goodbye to Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Psi Upsilon at the end of Spring 2011 following Operation Ivy League, 536, 542 and 546 W. 114th opened their doors to a variety of transfer, wait list, and summer transfer students for […]

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Housing Reviews 2012: 114th Brownstones

Bwog has obtained only scant reports about the goings-ons inside the ex-frat houses on 114th. The description of amenities below is from 546, and the pictures are from both 536 and 546. Location: 536, 542, and 546 W. 114th St. Nearby dorms: Ruggles, Carman, Broadway, Hogan and other brownstones/Greek houses. Stores and restaurants: As central as […]

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Christopher Coles Heads To Rehab

After serving a short jail stint for failing a drug test, Christopher Coles pleaded guilty Tuesday to selling marijuana to an undercover police officer. He will now begin the rehabilitation program originally offered to him in early November. According to the AP, Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Ellen Coin warned Coles, “Most of the people you are going to encounter […]

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Vincenzo Pleads Guilty, Coles Back in Jail

Update, 9:45 pm: According to the New York Post, Chris Coles is back in jail after failing a court-mandated drug test. He will return to court December 22nd, and will still have a chance to enter the treatment program he was granted diversion to in November. The AP reports that Stefan Vincenzo has pleaded guilty […]

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Klein Denied Diversion To Treatment

Adam Klein—the last of the students arrested in Operation Ivy League to begin pretrial proceedings—was denied diversion to treatment in a Manhattan courtroom today, reports Bloomberg. Had he been granted diversion and completed the program successfully, Klein could have avoided a felony charge on his criminal record. “Obviously we’re disappointed,” Klein’s attorney, Alan Abramson, told […]

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Christopher Coles Diverted To Treatment

Christopher Coles, one of the students arrested last year in Operation Ivy League, was granted a diversion to treatment earlier today, according to DNAinfo. Instead of receiving probation or jail time, Coles will complete a one-year drug treatment course. Perhaps most importantly, he will not have a felony charge on his criminal record when he […]

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Michael Wymbs Pleads Guilty to Operation Ivy League Drug Charges

Bloomberg reports that Michael Wymbs, one of the five Columbia students implicated in last year’s Operation Ivy League drug bust, has pleaded guilty to the court’s drug charges. By doing so, he will be eligible for five years’ probation instead of a 2.5-year prison term. Last month, state Supreme Court Justice Michael J. Sonberg ruled […]

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