Cast for the 119th Annual Varsity Show Announced

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A late-night email (4:17 am, to be exact) from producers Ally Engelberg and Laura Quintela let us know what lovely characters will be making up this years’ “Veesh”:


  • Rebecca Farley CC ’16
  • Ethan Fudge CC ’15
  • Olivia Harris CC ’14
  • Molly Heller GS/JTS ’15
  • Jonah Weinstein CC ’16


  • Scott Bacon GS ’13
  • Ankeet Ball CC ’16
  • Jess Chi CC ’15
  • Fernanda Douglas CC ’16
  • John Fisher CC ’16
  • Skylar Gottlieb BC ’16
  • Cole Hickman CC ’16
  • John Kenney CC ’13
  • Paulina Pinsky BC ’15

Congratulations to the cast, and pictures are to come…presumably of the new initiates with pie all over their faces.  We hope they enjoyed it!

Update: here’s the pic.



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  1. big fan CC'13  

    stop. just stop it. i'm so frickin excited to see olivia harris on stage.

  2. Paulina Pinsky?


  3. Which one  

    is the guy from Pitch Perfect and who's going to be playing Michael/Kristine? Will actual urine be used?

  4. Kev$ho  

    OMG, oh guys can i like totally be a character again, and like can Cole Hickman like totally play me?

    So excited,

  5. GS  

    1.5 whole GSers this year! Kick some ass, guys

  6. I need  

    Cole Hickman's heart. When will he marry me?

  7. after some facebook stalking  


  8. Cuuuuute!  

    JOHN KENNEY!! So gorgeous <3

    • Frustrated Sorority Girl  

      Honestly, John is one of the most flirty, giddy on campus. no doubt.

      He might remind us of an athlete we thought was cute in high school, fall in love with, and then hated in high school because he said wants you to be "just another girl" (like most men). Yet, he adds A LOT to this show in his singing, acting, and hilarious dancing.

      He sings everything like EVERYTHING. Ne-Yo, Beatles, Neil Young.

      He's the only senior in the cast, He's also one of the most well-known seniors on this campus.

      John may have history with numerous girls at Columbia, and I'm assuming that's where the 30 dislikes come from, lol, but then look at the other guys on this cast... oh yes, they definitely have had their share of girls and/or guys as well...

    • Guy or girl?

      Isn't he gay?

  9. Anonymous

    FUCKIN <3 Molly Heller

  10. Anonymous

    May God have mercy on their souls.

  11. Last year  

    Last year I learned how to pronounce Niamh O'Brien's name. Varsity Show 119: you've got a lot to live up to. There better be some bottled piss and and the Pitch Perfect dude.

    • Nope  

      Pitch Perfect dude is Ben Platt, and he left Columbia to act in Chicago's Book of Mormon.

    • VShow spectator  

      yeah the book better be dayum good! Who are the writers? It was so perfect last year.

      and Chris Silverberg as director is so cool! love him! After seeing him as the guy at Barnard in V117 and now 119, Bwog has say he is one of Columbia's biggest talents.

  12. JW following  

    Jonah Weinstein forever.

  13. CC'13

    Max Druz and Nick Parker doing music/lyrics?

    sounds good to me.

  14. chifan4life  

    Who runs the world? JESSICA CHI. I actually can't wait to see this show because of her presence in the cast. I'm praising the thespian/vocal gods right now for bestowing talent upon her and sharing it with us mere mortals.

  15. #1chifan4lyfe

    JCHI IS GOING TO ROCK THIS SHOW! Her voice is godly and I am now so excited to see varsity show. I LOVE HER SO MUCH!

  16. Anonymous  

    "Frustrated Sorority Girl"? Seriously? Either Kenney or one of his friends wrote this then got 9 people on the bandwagon to like it.

  17. zvs  

    olivia harris, john kenney, jess chi, and john fisher are da BEEEEEST!!!

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