Bwog Asked, “What Would You Rather Be Doing?”

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Last week, Bwog asked Sunday night Butler residents if they were happy. This week, we wondered what they would rather be doing. Here are your replies:

Bwog’s happy place

  • Guy in polo: “Hanging out with friends.”
  • Girl with cool scarf and really white teeth: “Raging on a beach at a party.”
  • Girl with warm fuzzy jacket: “I’d be home if I could.”
  • Guy sitting sideways on armchair in 209: “Eating my parents’ food.”
  • Girl in armchair in 209: “I’d like to be at Mel’s.”
  • Girl with leg brace: “Vacationing somewhere.”
  • Guy holding a cup of coffee precariously while staring quizzically and deprecatingly at us: “……Working on the paper I’m currently working on……”
  • Guy in 210: (points to a friend) “He’d rather be playing squash. I’d rather be sleeping.”
  • Girl in 210: “Drinking some white wine.”
  • Girl reading constitutional law: “Twerkin’, pop lock and droppin’ it, maybe crumpin’.”
  • Guy outside the cafe: “Obviously, being anywhere but Butler.”
  • Girl hunched over lit hum readings in catalog room: “Sleeping…” (laughs, tentatively at first, then hysterically)
  • Guy in glasses in 3rd floor armchair: “I’d rather be watching, um…what’s that TV show?” Girl in other armchair: “Arrested Development?” Guy: “NO, that’s been off the air for years! Ugh, what’s it called…I’m really drawing a blank here…oh my God, I hate myself…oh, HAPPY ENDINGS! It’s a sitcom.”
  • Girl outside 303: “I’m good doing what I’m doing right now.”
  • Guy in 504: “Playing water polo.”
  • Girl in 615: “Like, anything. I’d rather be doing schoolwork than what I’m doing.”
  • Girl in the 304 balconies: “I’d rather be partying. Drinking, listening to music, hanging out.”
  • Girl at table: “Eating Nutella on my bed watching movies.”
  • Girls sitting on the floor on 4: Girl one: “Sitting at home eating yummy food and knowing that I get to watch Homeland later tonight which I can’t do because I have to study.” Girl two: “I would be at the beach. How nice does the beach sound right now?”
  • Girl in the computer lab: “Procrastinating.”
Somewhere that’s not Butler via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. look ma,  

    no racial profiling!

  2. The Dark Hand  

    "In a world without the spec."

  3. i'd rather be  

    gettin laid

  4. CC '14  

    "Happy Endings" has not been "off the air for years"

  5. Anonymous  

    So many different ways to say "furiously masturbating."

  6. Anonymous  

    Ha I'm eating nutella 'n pretzels and watching Arrested Development. Suck it nerds!

  7. Anonymous  

    I hate working as much as the next guy. But there's nothing i'd really rather be doing. Heck, I like my classes. That's why I'm here.

    Writing final papers, where you make up your insights and research a topic till you know it backwards and forwards is fulfiling.

    Studying for finals reminds you why you registered in the first place--the stuff you learned is pretty friking cool.

    So where would I rather be right now? Probably no where else. Definitely not sitting behind some desk crunching numbers in the real world.

  8. lol

    "Guy holding a cup of coffee precariously while staring quizzically and deprecatingly at us: '……Working on the paper I’m currently working on……'"


  9. I'm a big fan of this series. It's a lot of fun to read :)

    Just a friendly suggestion: Instead of reminding people of what they're rather be doing/how unhappy they are, next week you should ask questions that will prompt people to reflect on the good things ("What are you looking forward to most about winter break?" or "What's your favorite thing about Columbia?" etc. I'm sure you can come up with better ones than me!). Columbia kids are stressed out enough without a Bwog reporter coming up to us at Butler (which is already the most desolate place on this campus) and reminding us of how stressed out we are!

    -Concerned Columbian

  10. Fellow Squashee  

    Friend of guy in 210, I'll play squash with you!

  11. Wasting my precious procrastination time

    Holy crap that list was not worth reading through

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