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So we beat on, boats against the current

Today is the last day of Tuesday/Thursday classes, so make sure to cherish these precious last moments with your professors. Bwog is sure that they are saying all sorts of crazy/touching/hilarious/inspiring things to try to bring their courses to a close and leave a lasting impression in the hearts and minds of their students. Don’t forget to send in your closing remarks to

Here are a select few closing remarks that tipsters have already been graced with:

Professor Frye, Intro to Comparative Politics: “Term limits make it harder for politicians to be accountable. For example, it’s his second term, what does Obama Care *pauses for dramatic effect*”

Macalester Bell: “Everything I know about Columbia students I know from the Bwog”

Stephen Scott, Language & Politics: “I’m searching for an example to come up with, since I don’t speak ‘super-standard nerd’ language myself.”

Kathleen Taylor, Science of Psych: “Frontiers of science has a final? I thought you just stared at people talking and had your mind expanded!” *significant portion of class starts clapping*

A boat on the river of time via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous  

    Jian Yang, Neurbio: "Fill out the course evaluations. You can say bad things about me.... I don't care. I'm tenured."

  2. Anonymous  

    I was in Frye's class and don't remember that at all. Maybe because I was reading Bwog

  3. gender econ  

    we were taking our final exam in class and our professor said she was going to take our questions for the exam and then halfway through the exam, she just went home. she didn't even say goodbye :(

  4. Anonymous

    Good luck on finals!

  5. Fan of Frye  

    or maybe because this is just not funny compared with Frye's other, more witty remarks?

  6. Anonymous  

    Gulati: "It all begins and ends with Donald Trump."

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