Bwog In Bed: Running on Three Hours of Sleep

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but studying is harrrrddddd

Good morning, sunshine!

As finals crawl ever closer, Bwog is hoppin’ in bed with you to help you procrastinate make reading week a little bit better. Remember to look on the bright side of life and send in tips to help us get you through finals.

Bwogline: In defiance of sanctions, North Korea launched a long-range rocket early this morning. (NY Times)

Finals Tip: Use a bic lighter to burn your tastebuds so you can drink Butler coffee all night! Pro Tip: make it a multitask solution by burning your tongue as you smoke a cigarette.

Procrastinate:  Look at these delicious creations to remind you how great walking out of that last final is going to feel.

Overheard: Two burly men in baseball paraphernalia in Starbucks. One sniffs his latte as leaving: “This smells like freedom.”

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    does bwog really have a shutterstock account? dat ish is priceyy

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