The Most Wonderful Time Of The Night

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Update: Deantini just gets cuter and cuter. A tipster reported that along with mini candy canes, he’s sharing some amazingly dorky classic comments. Ex: “We have a class called Lit Hum??? *chuckles at own joke*” and “I don’t have *anything* figured out!” Keep chuckling, good sir.

We know that your 10th hour in Butler seems to be crawling by with the same stale power bar keeping you going since 4 p.m. But if you’re on the lower levels of the library, you may have some happiness and a new snack in store. Deantini and PrezBu have been spotted handing out candy canes and administration love in 209, as per the new yearly tradition. Rumor has it they plan to cover floors 2, 3, and 4, so be on alert for a planned act of kindness.

Look at that tired, stunned expression

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  1. Anonymous  

    does the tag "free motivation" imply that you can pay for motivation?

  2. Anonymous  

    This made me so happy. Thanks Deantini!

  3. DEANTINI!  

    We love you!

  4. Dean Awn  

    I'd show up too, but I'm too busy counting the fat stacks of money I get from GS students

  5. Anonymous  

    He had two bags embroidered "DEANTINI".

  6. Love that  

    PrezBu is a thing

  7. love dat

    loving dat blue watch

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