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Bwog Gives You Coffee, Love

Bwog is many things: slightly awkward, obsessed with squirrels, extremely opinionated, and a little too reliant on puns for humor. But there’s one thing that (maybe?) ties those things together: Bwog loves you and wants you to be happy. To demonstrate this in a tangible way (that’s not a hashtag), we’re hoping to make your […]

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The Most Wonderful Time Of The Night

Update: Deantini just gets cuter and cuter. A tipster reported that along with mini candy canes, he’s sharing some amazingly dorky classic comments. Ex: “We have a class called Lit Hum??? *chuckles at own joke*” and “I don’t have *anything* figured out!” Keep chuckling, good sir. We know that your 10th hour in Butler seems to […]

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