PrezBo, Out of Context

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For the past few fall semesters, PrezBo has taught a class on free speech. This year, the class focuses on constitutional freedom of speech and press in the United States. Bwog was tipped a neatly chronological selection of the best out-of-context quips from our elegantly coiffured president’s only class.

9/24: “Get your note pads out—in three weeks, we are going to take back the fucking streets.”

10/1: “I am reintroducing caning to Columbia.”

10/22: “I’m an occasional user of cocaine. Not a regular user. I’m really offended.”

11/14: “As an idiot—I really don’t know anything about these First Amendment things.”

11/26: “I end up in an orange jumpsuit every time I publish something that the government doesn’t like.”

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  1. Anonymous

    ambulance chaser...

  2. Anonymous  

    As funny as these are to read, if you were in the class you would know that these comments were all actually in context...Still very funny though

  3. Truth  

    This is hilarious. Really good idea guys!

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