Bwog in Bed: The Studying before the Storm

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No kitten, you can’t do math

Bwog would love to greet the morning with you every day during exam period, but we really don’t want to leave our nest of blankets in the Diana bed. Our compromise is to invite you into our cocoon for a few minutes to share some tidbits. Maybe you can return the favor by sending your finals gossip to

Bwogline: Manhattan is getting a new museum: MoMath, or the Museum of Mathematics, on East 26th Street. I wonder if the Arts Initiative can get us in for free… (New Scientist)

Finals Tip: Study for history by changing your bank PIN to different important dates in the days leading up to your exam.

Procrastinate: All of the excitement of Chatroulette but with kittens instead of dicks.

Overheard: A voice for the question we’re all thinking:

“Is it OK if I put ‘I don’t care’ to questions I don’t know?”

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