#bwog in bed
Bwog In Bed: Getting The Hell Out Edition

Bwog is still in bed, but won’t be for much longer. To those poor souls who won’t be out of finals until 10:00 tonight: we’ve stood by you as long as we can, but it’s time to pack up and go home. Maybe after just a few more moments under these warm covers… In the meantime, here’s your daily dose of finals news, study tips, and procrastination. 

Bwogline: If you fear you’ll never escape finals, take comfort in the story of American aid worker Alan Gross, whose release from Cuban prison represents the end of 53 years of diplomatic estrangement. Just hope you’re freedom won’t require intervention from President Obama and the pope. (New York Times)

Study Tip: Feeling down? Go for a run! Run and run and never look back! Collapse in a small town in the Midwest and take a job in the local quarry! Find confidence in your promotion to foreman and finally buy that engagement ring! Look at the family gathered around your hospital bed, generations brought together over Thanksgiving dinners and Fourth of July picnics (too many to possibly remember but too precious to forget, even now, as the years take their toll), and take pride in your life as you slip, content, into darkness! Or, if you don’t like street running, try the treadmills in Schapiro!

Procrastination: Enjoy comedian and alumna Jenny Slate, singing “Landslide” in the voice of her online persona, Marcel the Shell.

Overheard: In the Schapiro lounge

Guy to his friends: “I forgot how to spell exotic on my arthum exam today. I was like E-X-H-A-U-T-I-C.”
His friend: “Did you… choose a different word?”
Guy: “No I just went with it”

Bwog In Bed: Bring The Noize Edition

Whether you’ve already fled Morningside Heights for the next month or you have a couple more exams left, Bwog is definitely still in bed.

Bwogline: The last episode of The Colbert Report airs tomorrow evening–check out this article that details how Colbert’s show began and speculates about how it may end. (New York Times)

Study Tip: Treat yourself. No, we don’t mean by going to JJ’s–we mean by making time for yourself. Wake up more than twenty minutes before your exam, make yourself some good coffee, and for a few minutes, do something you actually enjoy.

Procrastinate: This website encodes your IP address as a haiku–is this what computing in context means?