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We hope that you took this weekend to rest up and re-charge your batteries to prepare for the final(s) push this week. Let your self sleep a little more this Sunday morning before strolling over to JJ for a hearty breakfast. Treat this Sunday like the true day of rest it is.

Bwogline: A State Rep in Texas thinks that we should legalize marijuana because apparently The Bible says it’s ok. (The Daily Beast)

Study Tip: Take a shower. We’re literally so sick of having to sit next to stinky people in Butler. Your stench is seriously fucking with our focus even when we’re on adderall. A five-minute shower really won’t throw off your study schedule, and your fellow Butler patrons will be thankful.

Procrastinate: Amy Schumer is doing everything television needs right now. Check out one of her latest sketches below to waste some time.



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Grab a cup of coffee, sit up in bed, and relaxxxxxxxxx, because it’s finally Saturday. You have no responsibilities. No duties. No finals to think about. Just take today to chill.

Bwogline: The New York Times covered our most favorite night of controversy of the semester: Orgo Night. Think they enjoyed getting CUMBed on?

Study Tip: Take a lot of amphetamines. Drink a lot of coffee. Really just keep your mind active #AllDay.

Procrastination Tip: Start a new relationship the week before finals and summer vacation. That’s bound to distract you from the impending doom that is move-out day, right?

Now, how long you ball? How much time you spend at the mall?

Overheard: “Hillary Clinton is a Republican.”



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Orgo Night has happened. Midnight Breakfast has happened. Reading week has happened. Now, as the first round of exams kicks off today, make sure that studying and sleeping both happen for you this weekend. As always, though, you’ll have loyal and trusty Bwog in Bed to keep you focused on all the right things. 

Bwogline: One of New York’s more infamous baseball players, Alex Rodriguez, hit a homer to pass one of New York’s most famous and beloved players, Willie Mays, on the all-time home run leaderboard with 661. (NYT).

Study Tip: Everyone knows where they study best. But if you find yourself frustrated, exasperated or just freakin’ unproductive in your normal location, take the time to walk around, leave, find a new place to study. A secluded corner of campus or the shade of a tree in a park can provide a relaxing and even inspiring atmosphere for you to get back to the grind.

Procrastination Tip: Sleep. Seriously. Use the weekend to get the rest that you might have forsaken last week, or will forsake in the coming week. Not sleeping is depriving yourself of the time you need to refresh, remember what you did yesterday, and start a different day fresh. Give yourself the chance to look back on the day and say “I got something done,” then hit the hay.

And remember, when writing those essays, don’t worry about the Oxford Comma:



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Here it is: the day you’ve been waiting for. The day you said you’d get your shit together and thereby be ready to march into finals week like a victorious general of old. It isn’t gonna happen, but at least you have Bwog In Bed.

Bwogline: Columbia legend Sunil Gulati has made his way into the strangest New York Times article you’ll read today. Maybe it’s a sports reporter trying to write a trendy economics article or maybe there just isn’t a story here. (NYT)

Study Tip: Having trouble diving into dense reading? Try spending fifteen or twenty minutes reading a book you enjoy and then coming back to it; not only will you be primed to read, but you might also be in a better mood.

Procrastinate: Let the Internet read your mind. Once that’s run its course, amp up your frustration level.

Now, treat yourself to the latest Orgo Night promo:



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Still in bed, recovering from the various formals of the past couple of nights? Whether it was DG or Theta or Sig Chi or Beta (or none of them–we at Bwog have spent the last few nights at a booth at 1020), try to power through your hangover this morning and prepare a little for your impending exams.

Bwogline: U2 performed an impromptu concert Monday night on a subway platform in Grand Central Station. (iHeartRadio)

Study Tip: Feeling scattered and restless? Vacate your seat in Butler (for an hour or two, at least) and try going on a run in Riverside or hitting up a yoga class. Not only will exercise make you happier, but you’ll also feel more focused later on.

Procrastinate: Do you wish you were a piano prodigy, but you can’t even read music? Check this website out, and tap wildly at your laptop keyboard as if you actually knew what you were doing.



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Bwog is still in bed, but won’t be for much longer. To those poor souls who won’t be out of finals until 10:00 tonight: we’ve stood by you as long as we can, but it’s time to pack up and go home. Maybe after just a few more moments under these warm covers… In the meantime, here’s your daily dose of finals news, study tips, and procrastination. 

Bwogline: If you fear you’ll never escape finals, take comfort in the story of American aid worker Alan Gross, whose release from Cuban prison represents the end of 53 years of diplomatic estrangement. Just hope you’re freedom won’t require intervention from President Obama and the pope. (New York Times)

Study Tip: Feeling down? Go for a run! Run and run and never look back! Collapse in a small town in the Midwest and take a job in the local quarry! Find confidence in your promotion to foreman and finally buy that engagement ring! Look at the family gathered around your hospital bed, generations brought together over Thanksgiving dinners and Fourth of July picnics (too many to possibly remember but too precious to forget, even now, as the years take their toll), and take pride in your life as you slip, content, into darkness! Or, if you don’t like street running, try the treadmills in Schapiro!

Procrastination: Enjoy comedian and alumna Jenny Slate, singing “Landslide” in the voice of her online persona, Marcel the Shell.

Overheard: In the Schapiro lounge

Guy to his friends: “I forgot how to spell exotic on my arthum exam today. I was like E-X-H-A-U-T-I-C.”
His friend: “Did you… choose a different word?”
Guy: “No I just went with it”



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Whether you’ve already fled Morningside Heights for the next month or you have a couple more exams left, Bwog is definitely still in bed.

Bwogline: The last episode of The Colbert Report airs tomorrow evening–check out this article that details how Colbert’s show began and speculates about how it may end. (New York Times)

Study Tip: Treat yourself. No, we don’t mean by going to JJ’s–we mean by making time for yourself. Wake up more than twenty minutes before your exam, make yourself some good coffee, and for a few minutes, do something you actually enjoy.

Procrastinate: This website encodes your IP address as a haiku–is this what computing in context means?



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Bwog is struggling to wake up without a 9 AM final as motivation, so here’s some good news and tips for the day to get you out of bed and help you truly have a good morning.

Bwogline: Elizabeth Warren is leading a coalition of senators demanding the Department of Health and Human Services to lift the ban on men who have had sex with other men from donating blood. About damn time. (Mother Jones)

Study Tip: Call mom/dad/any emotional support figure in your life. While your roommate may be sick of hearing how over you are studying for your next final, these people thrive on you relying on them for emotional support. Think about it: your mom is just sitting by the phone, waiting for you to call in desperation for her love and care while miles away at school. Plus, talking is a cathartic exercise, and it gives you another half hour to not study/watch another episode of Gilmore Girls. What a beautiful way to start your day.

Procrastinate: Where the fuck is the cow?!



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If you haven’t had a final yet, we know today is the day to end all days. No need for Bwog is take up the limited space you’ve allotted in your mind to read words outside of those on your exam and your scribbled “essay” response in your Blue Book – we’re downsizing to Bwog In Bed to not waste your limited precious word processing skills and to celebrate the big day. Cheers, from Bwog to you (who we hope is still in bed, too).

Bwogline: We should get a MTA line running on Amsterdam Avenue that matches the design of this celebratory Amsterdam train station. (Engadget)

Study Tip: Have snacks at the ready. Nothing is worse than getting hungry and leaving your prime real estate in Butler to get a snack for…two hours. The two outcomes are that someone probably stole your seat and your word count on that paper has not increased one bit. Nutrition supersedes any grade on any paper and if it’s easily accessible, your body and mind both gain from continued focus.

Procrastinate: Who said procrastination can’t make you feel good? Take a few minutes (or more) and realize that the world is not out to get you, because these strangers on the Internet really want to you to be happy! And pass your exams! Feel better already, right?!

Overheard: “If there were a service, how much would you pay to be signed into EC?”



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It’s officially Sunday, which means you should probably put down the tequila and pick up those books! Or you can pick up the tequila and put down the books. It’s really your choice. Just have fun!

Bwogline: To the dismay of horny women and men everywhere, Andrew Garfield could be replaced as Spider Man according to leaked emails between Sony and Marvel. (IGN News)

Study Tip: Maybe all that last-minute cramming isn’t working. Maybe you think your professor is the worst educator on the face of the Earth. Maybe you slept through ever lecture and forgot to learn the material. In situations like these, it’s okay for you to transform into an angry rage demon. Stress balls can be a great thing. Snap a pencil or two. Scream into those Tempur-Pedic pillows you made your parents buy you in August. Just make sure this is all controlled rage.

Procrastinate: This may not be exactly related to Glad® food storage products, but check out all the different ways people use tupperware. Do this with your Safe Search function off. It’s actually pretty interesting.

Overheard: “I don’t want to think about Fro Sci anymore. I just want to think about this margarita.”



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It’s Saturday. The eye of the storm. Whether you plan to relax or to amp up your study regimen, you’re in as much of a mood to read Bwoglines as Bwog is to write them properly. Just stay a moment and take in the cream of the crop, and we’ll have you on your way.

Bwogline: The race to decide which university will host Barack Obama’s Presidential Library is tightening. A senior advisor to the president of the University of Chicago fingered Columbia as the Windy City’s strongest competitor, thanks in part to progress Columbia has already made in securing property rights around its new Manhattanville campus.

Study Tip: Know when to study alone. Studying with friends can make dreary content seem bearable, but sometimes comes at the cost of actual productivity. Do actual work now and you’ll have more time to relax with other people later.

ProcrastinateFeel the power, be an artist. If that leaves you thirsty for more:

Overheard: In a rare Butler scan-in line,

Person 1: Wait, is Columbia on Manhattan?
Person 2: Yeah, right?
Person 1: Okay, so we can walk to Brooklyn.
Person 2: I don’t think so.



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We typically start our mornings with coffee as dark as our souls and some light Bwoglines, but who can manage that during finals? We have exams to take, mornings to sleep in, and trips to Butler to procrastinate.

Bwogline: Congress has just passed a bill that will allow $1.1 trillion in spending…amid rancor in the House. (The New York Times)

Study Tip: Think positively! If you believe that you hate a subject or that you will fail, you’re far less inclined to keep at it than if you remind yourself why you’re in this class, or why you should do well. Positive affirmations of yourself and your abilities should not be underestimated. Some favorites include: “I deserve to earn a good grade!” “What do I stand to gain?” “I can do this!” (All to be exclaimed in front of your mirror.)

Procrastinate: Baby.

Overheard: “God, I could really use some acupuncture this week. My new desk chair is killing me.”



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You don’t have time to read a full Bwoglines; Bwog doesn’t have time to write a full Bwoglines. Slack this morning with a Bwog in Bed secure in the knowledge that there is no judgment here, only commiseration. 

Bwogline: Last night, Columbia men’s basketball took on Kentucky, number one in the country. And it forced Kentucky to take the narrowest margin of victory of their season, with Columbia trailing by only ten points. Go Lions! No really. We’re proud of you. (Fox)

Study Tip: Do not underestimate the importance of good sleep. You’re not going to get it every night, but when you’re considering whether to stay up a few more hours to review stop yourself, put the books down, turn out the lights, and marvel at fast you go through your morning cramming.

Procrastinate: Last February Bwog shared a film called Early Action by now Columbia College alumni, William Maxfield, Jordan Kalms and Luke Mones, to general hilarity and acclaim. Today, take a moment a moment to watch their latest movie, Experience, filmed in their last semester here. Appreciate.

Overheard: “We were having sex and then I was like, oh man I gotta puke!”



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Now that it’s reading week, we’re transitioning from Bwoglines to Bwog In Bed. Are you really spending these next couple of days studying, or are you just listening to Drake and drinking wine in your room? Let us know in the comments!

Bwogline: You’ve all probably read Le Petit Prince, whether in English as a child or in French in high school: Check out the trailer (in French, sorry) for the new animated movie version. (Vulture)

Finals Tip: Exercise! Not only does it give you an excuse to take a break from studying, but it will also give you endorphins and allow you to burn off all those calories from your Yellow Tail wine and late-night stress eating at JJ’s.

Procrastinate: More interesting than studying and just as educational (maybe?): Try to guess where these Street View shots are taken.


Random guy in the Law Library: “Is it true you guys get your final exams postponed?”
Two white law students in crisp button downs, awkwardly: “Uh…we don’t need to…but people can…”



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You in 1020 after your last final.

You in 1020 after your last final.

Bwogline: PhD researchers at Columbia have created a way to run iPhone apps on Android phones.

Finals Tip: Every time you don’t know the answer to a question, pick your nose. If the test is really hard, you will give yourself a bloody nose and have an excuse to re-take it later.

Procrastinate: Does victory always evade you when you play 2048? Try a game of 2048 Numberwang instead.

Music: After today, almost everybody will be done with finals. But if you, like Bwog, still have one or two exams left, you are most likely caught in a dreadful limbo somewhere between 209 and 1020. Today’s playlist maps this gruelling journey to the finish line with tracks by Sleigh Bells, Deer Tick and many more. You can do it!

Overheard: Tips sent at 1:30 AM last night:

“Group of graduating seniors just walked into 209 and sang a song about pooping in Butler, met with loud objections by one girl who ‘has a final tomorrow.’ It was beautiful.”

“A group of guys and gals came to the Butler lounge and sang a song about pooping in Butler. ‘Pooping in Butler’ was the chorus, so I figure that’s a fitting title for the song. Guitar was involved.”

Astonishingly accurate prediction of the future via ShutterStock

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