Bwog in Bed: What Are Finals?

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Did you get completely caught up in last night’s drama, too?  Between finals, protestination, and The Hobbit premiere there is no reason any Columbia student should have been asleep before 2 am last night.  So stay asleep a little longer, hit snooze, and stay in bed with us.  But once we close our eyes and you sneak out the door, don’t leave us forever–send gossip, pictures, and musings to

Bwogline: A horrifying plot to castrate and murder Justin Bieber has (quite thankfully) been thwarted.  In this almost cinematically messed up plan, four people, including Bieber, were targeted. (CNN)

Finals Tip: Change your clocks to military time. Midnight seems much more urgent when it reads 00:00.

Procrastinate:  Well if you haven’t already caught up on ours and Jezebel’s comments section, do that.  Otherwise, go on an adventure.

Overheard: Girls outside the library–good luck on your LitHum final!

“In the New Testament….Jesus is, like, not dead…you know?”

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  1. Horny female TA  

    i just gave my class their final...

    how long do i have to wait before asking out the hot guy in my class?

  2. Temporal Knowledge  

    Military time for midnight would actually be 0000, or "zero hours." The thing you set your clocks to is called 24-hour time (includes the colon and is read normally).

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