Bwog In Bed: The Calm Between Two Storms

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Best we could do right now.

We’ve had one day of exams, and now we already get a day off again before some of us have to go back to writing for 3 hours in a row (looking at you, FroSci). So why would you even get out of bed? Stay right here and cuddle with Bwog. If we could bring you breakfast via the Internet we would, but that hasn’t been invented yet. However, you can bring us your finals wisdom/humor through! So enjoy your break, send us anything you think we might like, and we’ll ask our tech guys to work on those eggs.

Bwogline: On a very serious note, the tragic shooting in Connecticut yesterday has completely filled the news as well as our conversations, hearts, and thoughts. We extend our deepest condolences to all those affected. (CNN)

Finals tip: Falling asleep while studying or at an exam? Take a shoe and a sock off, leaving one of your feet bare. It forces your body to regulate two different temperatures, thus keeping you awake.

This is for real; they teach it at driver’s ed in Brazil.

Overheard: A microaggression at a Starbucks near campus:

“I still can’t believe my friend Ryan was at that party! You know my friend Ryan, the one who’s gay? Well I had no idea he knew Alex!! I guess they know each other because they’re both gay? Is that a thing?”


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  1. Gay Columbian  

    That's definitely a thing. I wish it weren't so much of a thing, but it's really too easy to stop, reintroduce yourself and chat with someone you vaguely remember...before you remember that your only interaction so far has been seeing their profile on Grindr.

  2. Sherry J. Wolf  

    I'm writing to

    I'm so offended!

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