1. President Bill CLITon  

    I love primal screamers ;)

  2. Twerkin

    To all dha ladies put dhere that wanna git good scream, just find yoself a nice penis (you aint gotta care for the fella's face) and do all sort of 50 shades things. Express yoself. Be free. Relieve some stress, I'm lookin at you Butler 6th floor cuties ;)

  3. Twerkin Trina

    Damn bwog, why you only put the first part of my name? Im DHE Twerkin Trina

  4. Twerkin Trina

    Yeah Billy, i got a sweet spot for you. I knew I voted right CLITon. '92-'01 were the best years of mah lyfe.

  5. Rape Culture  

    "I wonder if they're being raped...but then, it's Columbia."

    You do not know HOW triggering this was for me.

  6. Anonymous  

    Wait, is the pillow fight this semester?

  7. Pillow fight is in the spring only

  8. But Lets Have a Pillowfight Anyway  

    This is a fortuitous opportunity! Let us have a pillow fight anyway!!

  9. Anonymous  

    TONIGHT: Primal Scream

    TOMORROW 9AM: Desperate Whimper.

  10. Screamer  

    I'm still stress even after that, fuck my life

  11. meme

    Perfect timing, kids. Seriously?! After what happened two days ago?! I hope you all fail your stupid finals.

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