Bwog in Bed: Contents May Be Hot

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It can only go downhill from here.

Been sustaining your scream since last night? Well grab some whisky tea to soothe your throat, then climb back into bed and let Bwog soothe your soul. But caution: contents may be hot. And your tea might be hot as well.  Good luck on your exams and if you’re feeling crappy, just think about how bad that last joke was. Email with weird finals-related stuff that you  other people do.

Bwogline: You’re not the only one attempting to unearth things long forgotten! Archeologists discovered some pretty cool things in 2012. (Huffington Post)

Finals Tip: Make really small flash cards, crumple them up and put them in your nose/ears so that you can learn by osmosis

What your social interactions probably look like at this point: Coherent sentence not an things anymore Butler too much. (Youtube)


Technically downelevator but you get the point via Butler 6th floor

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  1. Does not bode well...

    Read that last sentence twice before I realized there was something wrong with it. x_x

  2. JJ12  

    Monday Bwoglines are da best

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