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The “bitches going crazy” tag has gotten a lot of action over the past week, proving that people are indeed losing their shit (as usual) this finals season. Common complaints have included people sleeping at their tables for hours on end, watching Netflix for hours on end, eating really pungent foods at their tables, and having not-so-hushed gossipy conversations with table mates. No matter what the offense, you need an easy and quick way to express your judgement without taking time away from your own weird library activities — and we have the perfect solution for you. The Butler Emergency Message Kit has pithy phrases for almost all of your aggravated complaints; all you need to do is print, cut out, and slide towards the offender in question. A flashcard says a thousand words:

Your handy guide to bitching at butler

Your handy guide to bitching at butler

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  1. Sticker entrepreneur  

    Sell these at ButlerCaf?

  2. Stress makes me angry  

    It's a good thing you didn't publish these over the weekend, Bwog - I would have made a lot of enemies.

  3. can you make  

    a "please shut the fuck up" card? what if we need/want to throttle the chick at the table behind us who will not stop talking loudly, but we want to be passive aggressive about it?

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