Back Again: Butler Bingo & Butler Archetypes

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We’re about halfway through finals, which means the fun’s not over yet, and neither is your time in Butler. To help you get through the home stretch, we’ve re-posted below last year’s Butler Bingo: Archetypes edition.

It’s finals week and you know what that means. We’ve lampooned the inanity of Butler before, but this year we’ve adapted Butler Bingo around those closest (literally) to you: Butler Archetypes.

Here’s how to play: sit in Butler. Look at the game board. Scroll over each square to read its description. Look around you. When you spot an archetypal individual, click that square to fill it in. When you get four in a row, stand up, shout “BINGO!” and do a little dance. Then pat yourself on the back and feel accomplished that you actually did something while in Butler.

Double-clicking on a square will take you to the Archetype page, and just like at Pleasant Oaks Community Center, each time you play is a whole new experience. Every time you refresh this page, the board randomizes and the positions of the squares change. So play a new game every time you’re in Butler, and good luck with finals!

Move your mouse over a bingo square to read its description.

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  1. ?????????  

    Whatcha talkin' 'bout?

  2. Anonymous  

    wow, bwog....stepping up the game with these fancy mouseovers! im wasted

  3. look at you bwog  

    repeating content from last year when you didn't suck nearly as much.

  4. Anonymous  

    Oh no! I think I'm the texter, I apologize for my annoying behavior.

  5. butler 209  

    these images are so small! i had to zoom in to like 400% to capture all the luscious details

  6. The Bingo Bomb  

    Okay, Bwog, that's cool and all, but where's my free space???

  7. Anon  

    Is it normal that I identify with ALL the archetypes above?

  8. haha  

    the sketch of the stoner. beautiful.

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