Bwog in Bed: The Initial Countdown

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“This just in from NASA: there’s a giant asteroid shaped like the number ‘2012’ on a collision course with earth!”

The hour is nigh. Gird your loins, get out the bong waterpipe and come hide under our covers: it’s (supposed to be) the end of the world, motherfuckers.

Bwogline: In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, according to the Mayan calendar (and a really bad action movie) the world is supposed to end today. Except not even the Mayans are convinced—not even the Mayans in Brooklyn. Neither is NASA.

Finals tip: When in doubt, quote the original language version of the text.

Procrastinate: Since the world is going to be obliterated soon anyways, look at pretty pictures of outer space.

Overheard: “I’m going to do all of the things that I don’t do here. Like play video games, and relax.”

Likely end  of the world scenario via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous

    2000, zero, zero,...

  2. An amazing action movie  


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