Columbia Receives Many, Many Applications

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Columbia Office of Undergraduate Admissions (artist’s rendering)

33,460 prospies applied to our fair university (during both the Early and Regular Decision rounds) this year. According to Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Jessica Marinaccio:

“We have received 33,460 applications to Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science for the Class of 2017, a five percent increase from last year. We are thrilled that so many students are considering Columbia as one of their college choices and look forward to learning about these applicants over the course of the next few months as we continue with our review process.”

Since Columbia College and Fu SEAS only accept around 2,400 students each year, some 93% of these eager applicants will be rejected. Current Columbia students, on the other hand, will experience unearned pride: 33,460 applications isn’t quite as high as two years ago (when we received 34,929 applications) but it’s much higher than last year’s numbers. Since a university’s prestige is apparently proportional to how many high school seniors they make cry, this means we’re still one of the best schools in the country.

Fourth-best, to be precise.

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  1. Arrogant dumbass.  

    I rather be known by my name rather than what school I come from. That is when I know I have been truly successful.

  2. Anonymous

    There are less high school seniors in the US now, then there were a few years ago. I think the second boom peaked in 2010-11, and is going down.

  3. grammarian

    check two: "THAN there were a few years ago"
    check three: "I think the second boom peaked in 2010-11, and is NOW going down."

  4. Anonymous

    Can someone please tell me why it's still "rape" if she likes it?

  5. grammar nazi 2  

    There are *fewer* high school seniors in the US now [delete unnecessary comma] *than* there were a few years ago. I think the second boom peaked in 2010-11[delete unnecessary comma] and is going down.

  6. i know its winter break  

    and we're all bored but everyone shut up about grammar please

  7. Meanwhile at Dartmouth...

    3% decrease.

    Can we be smug about this yet?

  8. seriously?

    this is pretentious.

  9. Anonymous

    How come we never know how many people apply to GS?

  10. senior

    i do, too!


  11. HS senior

    at least my tears will serve a purpose!

  12. does anyone else feel crappy

    that our school is called the "Fu Foundation?"
    Really? the guy only donated 26 million... CMON! WE ARE ALL LABELED AFTER A GUY WHO DONATED 26 MILLION?!?!?!?! FUCK THAT SHIT

    • CU_Alum

      The Fu donation was in 1997. $26 million then is equivalent to $37.3 million today. And SEAS got all the money right away; most large donations are paid in installments over5-10 years and thus are worth less than their face value.

      SEAS was smaller and weaker in 1997 than it is today. That's why it couldn't command a bigger naming gift. A lot of the school's progress since then is attributable to the Fu money.

  13. wtf bwog

    since when are we calling SEAS "Fu"?

  14. Kellog  

    "sounds" much better

  15. Anonymous

    Columbia is the best!

    • Anonymous

      Those stats are very old. Way more than five years old and certainly way before the Columbia joined the common app when their applications went from 20 thousand to 35 thousand.

  16. meanwhile


  17. Anonymous  

    "33,460 prospies applied to our fair university (during both the Early and Regular Decision rounds) this year."


    "33,460 prospies applied to CC/SEAS...."

    I'm pretty sure there are more schools than CC/SEAS at Columbia so check your lede!

  18. alum

    Given what I know now from friends at Princeton, Harvard, and Yale, I would not trade my Columbia undergrad experience for any of them. They are all amazing schools, so at this point what makes one "better" than the others depends totally on the kind of person you are, and on your interests. You won't find such a diverse and politically engaged student body in any of the other schools, for example, nor do they offer the diversity of activities available to Columbia students in NYC. Anyhow, sorry for spilling my college nostalgia over Bwog. Have a great start of the semester!

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