Info Sessions for Pretty SIC Living Spaces

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An inside view of the old St. Hilda’s House

The Convent on 113th and Wallach 2C will be available for Special Interest Communities and “other populations with specific needs” come this fall, so it’s time for applications. The Convent is newly renovated, so we’re talking hardwood floors, a multi-purpose room in the basement, a full kitchen, two RAs, a Public Safety guard, and other amenities. Columbia will ready the 11-person Wallach suite this summer, which will include the usual kitchen and common area, as well as a meeting space.

Community Development is holding information sessions on the 14th floor of Broadway Hall today from 7:30-8:30pm and tomorrow from 10:30-11:30 am. New and existing SICs, any student groups (like ABC, SGB, CI, and Club Sports), or programs “with administrative oversight”  are welcome to apply. The spaces, however, will not be open to Greek organizations. Applications are due by noon on January 28, and the lucky groups will be notified on February 6 by a committee consisting of staff members from the Office of Residential Programs and Housing Services and six undergrads.

An inside look via The Community of the Holy Spirit

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  1. Anonymous

    The Covent is gorgeous. Columbia is doing an amazing job at renovating the dorms.

  2. aepibroseph

    shouldn't this be, like, a frat thing? sorry I'm a little late to the whole housing thing

  3. Anonymous  

    Scott Helfrich's info sessions are never announced far enough in advance.

    He is also a very frustrating human being.

  4. yo  

    bro, i'm in a frat, pike, to be exact, and i just believe that I have more rights than anyone else, and i am better than you lameass fuckin nerds. All the best livin spaces:mine. Your girlfriend's vagina:mine. Answer keys to all the tests in the class: fuckin mine bitch. Whenever the administration doesn't give me exactly what I want, be it housing, or preference in money allocation, I usually piss and moan and bitch, blame gay people and rattle on about the two community service projects I did all year, one of which was smiling at Children in Harlem. And i get what I want. Cause I contribute more to Columbia than you do, and i have better connections than you do, you lonely ass nerd bitches.

    • Anonymous

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