John Jay Doesn’t Even Lift

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Yesterday Bwog reported on the beginnings of an insurrection in John Jay over an elevator which has been under emergency repairs since last semester. The conflict rages on with today’s new communiqué from the field:

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  1. Sherry J. Wolf  


    calling my friends at OMA about this.

  2. I love  

    whoever wrote this. It's good to see that the administration is taking steps toward honesty.

  3. Anonymous  

    What a bunch of whiny bitches.

  4. Dude

    It's too early in the semester to be this neurotic.

  5. CC '13  

    in case you were wondering: feb. 2, 2525 is actually a friday.

  6. JJ11 4 lyfe

    hahaha when I was a lil' feshman we never had these problems so y'all freshmen musta done something terrible to make these guys mad lol smh

  7. Actually LOLed  

    I have to admit I found the title of the post thoroughly entertaining. BWOG, sometimes you are as clever as you think you are.

  8. please  

    Does anyone understand the elevator numbering system? #18 implies the existence of 16 secret elevators.

  9. Invisible Elevator Elf  

    Fuck you guys its not my fault you can't see me. I've been working my ass off in that fucking elevator shaft. Student Worker Solidarity get on this--WE NEED RIGHTS.

  10. Anon  

    Ok, this is just rude.

    • cc '13  

      nah. its pretty on point. those elevators were rickety as fuck three years ago, and nothing was done.

      and as someone who now lives in EC and whose lobby renovation is now more than a semester behind schedule i haven't lost touch with that feeling.

      i get that its expensive, but that doesn't mean construction has to be in perpetual state of delay

  11. Huh.

    This is probably a good opportunity to announce that the university is planning on endowing elevators as it does faculty positions and classrooms. Elevator #18 will henceforth be known as the Al Lerner Memorial Sky Tube.

  12. John Jay '1760

    Ye ungrateful bastards. In my day we had to walk up 13 flights. Both ways.

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