Columbia’s Battle of the Bands

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On Saturday at 9 pm in the Lerner Party Space, eight student bands will compete for your votes to play at Bacchanal. Each of the following groups will perform a 20 minute set: The Foggy Details, Lubeen, Bold Forbes, Star and the Sea, Vonzie Vidda & Flaxo, Phonoscenes, Ace of Cake, and Morningsiders.

Back in December, we posted about Morningsider’s song “Empress,” which a lot of the Columbia community seemed to enjoy. They’re scheduled to play the final set at the Battle of the Bands, at 12:30 am. Here’s the latest from the bluegrass-folk group, just in time to get you pumped for the epic battle.

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  1. Anonymous

    Why didn't you guys link to the websites of the other bands? And then went and plastered the Morningsiders' video all over the post? C'mon, be nice to your classmates.

  2. bwog staff  

    "finally, a post people will care about"

  3. This song is sex  

    Back to back homeruns for the Morningsiders. This is absolutely wonderful

  4. nonpartisan bwog  

    is nonpartisan.

    ...but real talk Morningsiders are fucking amazing.

  5. omgomgomgomgomgomg  


  6. anonymous

    can't wait to see Morningsiders play live again they always kill it

  7. for real  

    I support all musical acts on campus but dude this is kind of boring

  8. Your dad's mom  

    If you guys are going to do a Battle of the Bands post, at least link to the SoundClouds or something for all of the performers... It's not that hard I promise

  9. Anonymous  

    columbia version of mumford & sons

  10. Real Talk

    Morningsiders: unoriginal (Mumford and Sons, Lumineers beat them to it in a big way) and sadly, pretty horrid harmonizing (it's not "folk singing" to not resolve, as Mumford and Sons proves with their careful blending). The bassist and trumpeter are great and it's a shame that their talent is being undersold by the underwhelming singing. The majority of the group also lacks significant emotion throughout the video. I get that they're concentrating on the music, but the whole point of a music video is to give viewers something beyond simply watching a concert. I hope Columbians look past the group's apparent "popularity" and video diffusion and listen critically to them and all of the groups.

    • but  

      yeah, i think they need to work on the harmonizing and togetherness, but honestly - they have raw talent and potential, and they are a very young group. they are only going to get better with time, and they deserve praise and respect for their work.

    • Anonymous  

      Yes, they have about 30k combined views on fb because they suck. Exactly.

    • Anonymous

      What a stupid way to think about music. One band opens up a genre and becomes famous for doing so, so any other band that further pursues that genre is unoriginal? That's like buying a Tupac record and saying all rap that came afterwards is "unoriginal," (not to mention that you also ignore anything that comes before, as evidenced by your Mumford and Sons reference). Musical styles don't just come out of nowhere.

  11. P  

    You're right, they sound JUST like Mumford and Sons...but still, isn't that a compliment? They sound great.

  12. Anonymous  

    Ok so I have a question. How the hell were the people making those poster unable to find a picture of a real freaking guitar? For serious

  13. Anonymous  

    If Morningsiders win, Bacchanal is going to have a slooow boring start.

  14. Lubeen  

    Nice! You guys are 2/2 so far (in terms of songs I've heard). good luck tomorrorw

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